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Manahil Ahmad
Manahil Ahmad
Beaconhouse School System
No Teresspasing Part 1
Published On Mar 30th 2015
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It was a windy Saturday evening as the sun was setting peacefully, Sandrah and her friend Amy decided to take a ride outside the city to enjoy them this evening as they were badly tired after such a busy week recently at school. So, they made up their minds told their parents got ready and set off at 8 pm sharp. They drove and enjoy driving and gossiping together. As they did so they forgot the time until when Sandrah suddenly noticed that it was as late as 12..30.After seeing the time Sandrah asked Amy to hurry up home as it was midnight already. Panicky fell on Amy's face suddenly as she tried a few turns and stopped on a road junction looking confused. By seeing a sudden change on Amy's face Sandrah asked the reason of stopping? Amy hesitated a while longer and then gathered the courage to spill the truth. She told Sandrah that she had totally lost where they were going. Hearing this Sandrah suggested to search for a house near to contact back home. Now they kept their eyes peeled to have a sighting. Amy started driving again when she suddenly noticed the patrol tank running low. Immediately Sandrah spotted a house--a big one too--.They came closer and nearer and found the fact it was too big to be a house. Whatever it was it looked abandoned but they were not so sure---.Amy parked the car under an ancient tree to avoid the rain [it was raining].But they noticed something strange, odd or rather very strange.

To be continued…..

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Comments 8
khadija Hi,Manahil Khadija
May 31st 2018
bloom Nice Bloom
Nov 15th 2015
Wania Sorrrry i didn't knew that you live in Lahore Wania
Oct 4th 2015
Wania Nice story ,In which branch are you?I am from the middle campus in gulistan-e-jauhar Wania
Sep 24th 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
Ghashia Nice one. Well as am new, can u pls help me? I wanted to ask where could I find my writings, and notifications? Ghashia
Apr 25th 2015
amna When is the next part coming? Amna
Apr 15th 2015
ZARA Nice story minalhil baji Zara
Apr 5th 2015

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