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Anam Abbasi
Anam Abbasi
Roots International School
The Taste Of Death
Published On Mar 30th 2015
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I know and agree that I don't know anything about death. This story is just for entertainment.
It was a VERY hot Sunday afternoon. I was getting very bored, so I got out my lighter and a for a smoke.
A gigantic tree, with its leaves entering the room, stood outside. I lighted my lighter but as I got out a cigarette, the lighter set fire to the leaves.
As the leaves were in the room, I thought it was very dangerous. I rushed to get some water, but when I returned, most of the room was on fire.
For a moment, I stood there, paralyzed. Then I got my mind to work and thought of something. I rushed to the kitchen window and hanged there with my hands gripping the window-sill. The people outside would soon see me, I was sure.
But they didn't. It was just too hot.
Then, I started yelling.
"HELP! HELP! Somebody help me, PLEASE!"
Yes. Just like that.
All too quickly, I realized that my time had come. I would just die, either by the fire or losing my grip and falling. I could already see the fire burning my kitchen cabinets. I didn't know what would be more painful, the fire or the fall. I just let my eyes close, and then, in a nanosecond, I opened them. But what was this! I was falling!
I really was falling, right towards my death with every second. But I landed, instead of hard concrete, on a big piece, and a soft, strong piece of cloth. But not just that. It was a TRAMPOLINE!!!
I looked around. Some big red trucks were putting out the fire. So, apparently, the people living in the next apartment had seen me.
But I had got my lesson: SMOKING KILLS.
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Comments 15
sajahir You are right smoking kills Sajahir
Oct 6th 2016
Irza GRT STORY!!!! yuppp SMOKING KILLS..... Irza
Nov 20th 2015
Wania Are you happy with the comments Wania
Sep 24th 2015
Wania Awesome story Wania
Sep 24th 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
Anam A.O.A...thank you everyone...Dua,Fatima,Ayesha,Samir,Jasmine & Amn! Anam
May 8th 2015
dua Good story:) Dua
May 7th 2015
Anam AOA guys, you will see this story of mine the next month's magazine...the editors design the mag really early and they have posted the young writers section on their fb page...I'm really happy I've won twice! Anam
Apr 14th 2015
Fatima Well it true.And welldone Fatima
Apr 11th 2015
ayesha This was very amazing but smoking is very dangerous.....i don't know why people are so fond of smoking!! they should also learn a lesson Ayesha
Apr 9th 2015
Anam A.O.A thanks guys!!! all of you for commenting and reading my story... Anam
Apr 5th 2015
Amn Nah don't be that disappointed I just read it now it's awesome and this story kills Amn
Apr 3rd 2015
jasmine I love your story it is awesome Jasmine
Apr 3rd 2015
Samir This is an amazing lesson story I have ever read!!!!!!!! Samir
Apr 2nd 2015
Anam What! No comments! I published this 2 days ago and got 43 views but no comments.... I am sooo disappointed Anam
Apr 1st 2015

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