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Yusra  Ateeq
Yusra Ateeq
Karachi Academy
The Paints
Published On Mar 30th 2015
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Holding a paintbrush and dip the brush into the paint bottle, making drawings is really fun but before painting we should know about the paints and its types.......
Now i tell you about the paints:
There are three main types of paints: Watercolors, Acrylics and Oils .These all paints have different methods
And techniques for you if you want to become a artist.
Watercolors are cheap so easy to explore. They are thin transparent paints usually painted on paper. The paint is somewhat difficult to use because the paint changes form as it dries. Most children start finger painting with watercolors because this is easy for children.
Watercolor paint
Acrylics are good for beginners. They are easy to work with because they are thicker than watercolors paints. Acrylics dry quickly and turn into plastic, so if you leave it open, the paint is dry and becomes useless. So be careful and don't leave the paint open.
Oils are also thickest and they are easy to control. They take days to dry so you can work with the paint for hours. The disadvantage of oil paints is that they are more expensive and more materials are needed to work with them. They are also messy and you cannot use water to clean them need some sort of turpentine.
I hope you love this article now Allah hafiz and enjoy your making your painting.....♥Tongue out Cool Smile Wink
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Feb 10th 2018
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Sep 23rd 2016
mubashra Happy belated birthday yusra :) Mubashra
Apr 5th 2015

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