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Shehram Chaudhry
Shehram Chaudhry
Lahore School Of Learning
The Mysterious Girl Part 5
Published On Mar 30th 2015
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Two or three months after my visit to psychiatrist, another incident happened which affected me really badly.  I was sitting in the lounge, watching television. My mom was in her room, and dad in his office. It was around 9 o’clock.

Suddenly I heard sound of footsteps. The sound was coming from the kitchen.  I gathered my courage and headed towards the kitchen door. It was closed, my mother did not close it nor did I. Filled with curiosity, and I pushed open the door. The door revealed a weird scene.

The same mysterious girl sat on one of the dining chairs near the fridge. She had wet, black curly hair which was all over her face. Her eye balls were red. Red enough to scare me. Again she wore a long white gown. She was scrawny, which scared me more. All her veins and nerves were visible. She had a very thin skin.   

    She stared at me, her scare was petrifying. It sends a chill down my spine. I stood staring at her. She did not take her eyes off me. Suddenly she lunged towards the kitchen counter.  She grabbed a knife from the knife sheath. The knife’s blade was very sharp.

 Slowly, she turned around. I thought she would head towards me, but surprisingly she didn’t. Instead she tossed the knife towards me. I ducked and took cover from a chair. She took another knife.  I was still in sitting position, so she aimed at me. But with a quick response I jumped out of the knife’s way and I took a step towards the door.  Before she could do anything else, something astounding and super natural happened.

         Another knife from the sheath lifted into the air. This time the girl wasn’t holding the knife. In fact no one was, maybe the air itself held the knife. I stood leering at the knife, imagining something which could not be imagined. Something super natural. At first the knife headed straight towards me, but then …….. IT CHANGED DIRECTION. 

        Suddenly the knife turned and headed towards the mysterious girl. I stared at her, she gave me a last glance and then the knife cut her throat. She collapsed to the floor. To add to this nerve-racking case, was the fact that no blood flowed out from her body when she died.

                  I had never seen a dead body before, so I screamed as loudly as I could. My eyes were fixed on the kitchen door. My mother appeared. I pointed towards the dead body.  The dead body wasn’t there, I looked at the place where the dead body was, but there was nothing there neither the dead body, nor anything that could suggest the existence of a dead body. No blood, no smell.

“What happened dear?” My mom asked.

“That!!!!!” I yelled.


“That dead body, it was here”, I pointed towards the place where the dead body was.

“Which dead body? Are you in your senses?”

“Yes of course I am.”

“Will you like to tell me, what is it all about??”

“Yes, the same girl. She died”

“What are you saying? How did she die?? ”

“When she saw me, she threw two knifes at me, then a knife got up from the sheath and it cut her throat. She collapsed to the floor, over there.”

“But there is nothing there, and all the knives are in the sheath. The knives are clean; there is nothing out of ordinary.” My mom explained. “You had another of those fits, maybe you need rest.”

“No!! I didn’t have any fit, I am perfectly all right.”

“Ok! No problem, you go in your room, and take some rest. That’s what you need.”

“If that’s what you want, I’ll do it” I replied.

Well, I went to bed. After a short nap, my mother woke me up. She told me to get ready, but she did not tell where we were going. I was curious. I questioned her again and again but I couldn’t make any information out of her. I got ready. 

        We were going somewhere. But where? I didn’t know. I asked my father this time.

“To the doc” dad answered.

“For what?”

“You need a checkup” mom told me.

“I don’t!!!!!”

“Ok fine, but we just want to be satisfied about you.” Dad explained.

“Ummm ok” I didn’t resist anymore because I knew that would be of no use at all. We had arrived at the hospital. Again I had to visit that psychiatrist. I guessed that he was a psyche patient himself. He gave me some medicines which were of no use, they won’t be because I had a hunch that the girl would never disturb me again because she was killed, and I would see her no more which means I won’t have those so called ‘fits.’

 To my relief, I was right. I never saw that girl again, but memories of her haunt me. And I try to forget them, but that I can’t. It’s impossible. Whenever I tell it to anyone they don’t believe me. They say it is so super natural. Well I don’t care if no one believes it, at least I know that it was true. Now I am braver than before because of these incidents. They taught me to be brave.

With this I ended reading the book ‘Unbelievable truths’, it was a small autobiography, which I had written recently.  It was a grand day for me. My parents had arranged a party for me because the first book written by me was published. I was ecstatic and I read the book to my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. My relatives appreciated my writing, and they loved it. They encouraged me to write more books.


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Comments 37
Sakifay Mary Gr& My fav😄😄😄 Sakifay Mary
Aug 13th 2017
Aiza Unbelievable...... It is spectacular.I don't think you wrote it yourself. Aiza
Apr 8th 2017
Aliza  Hey do u still use vshine Aliza
Nov 30th 2016
Irza WOWWW LOVELY END OF STORY and the way you described the really gave me a picture of her in my mind. Irza
Nov 5th 2015
yumna Well shehram did you remeber me well my opinion to you is that you should write a story but not that long that the readers gets bore BY:Yumna Mujeeb Yumna
Oct 24th 2015
shehram Ofc it is not true Shehram
Aug 24th 2015
Rihab Is this story true? Rihab
Aug 20th 2015
shehram No i didnt write a book Shehram
Aug 12th 2015
nabiha U have written a book Nabiha
Aug 8th 2015
Ghania Thnks for replying me....ur cute;D Ghania
Aug 5th 2015
Kulsoom Grrrrreeeaaaattttt!!!! Kulsoom
Aug 3rd 2015
shehram Its not my picture im ot mad to do that xD but i look alike... Shehram
Aug 2nd 2015
Aleena I love the story but the ending needs..maybe some fixing. Afterall,it's amazing! Aleena
Jul 27th 2015
Ghania Shehram is this is your pic on your profile??? Ghania
Jul 11th 2015
Beenish I love the story I felt like I was reading a novel. Beenish
Jul 11th 2015
shehram Thanx people :D Shehram
Jun 21st 2015
Beenish I must say the start was a master blaster Beenish
Jun 21st 2015
Beenish The ending was great Beenish
Jun 16th 2015
Beenish The ending was great Beenish
Jun 16th 2015
Beenish Amazing story horrific I mean horror but I changed into horrific which means horror and nice :)P Please be my friend Beenish
Jun 15th 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
Ayesha Good Ayesha
Apr 19th 2015
amna Wow i must say the ending is something!! i just love it! Amna
Apr 14th 2015
shehram Same here:P have you read hardy boys by Franklin William Dixon or Nancy drew by Carolyn Keene? Shehram
Apr 12th 2015
shehram Same here:P have you read hardy boys by Franklin William Dixon or Nancy drew by Carolyn Keene? Shehram
Apr 12th 2015
Abdullah Wow very scary and very creepy. Abdullah
Apr 12th 2015
ayesha I love detective and horror stories shehram!!! Ayesha
Apr 10th 2015
shehram Thank you so much amna and aisha. I love horror suspense, action, mystery, thriller, and detective. what about you? Shehram
Apr 10th 2015
ayesha I don't think that you write such a nice story with a fabulous ending!!!...i mean unbelievable!!!....great job must say Ayesha
Apr 9th 2015
Aisha Your ending was as well very good and the story was filled with terror and suspense Aisha
Apr 9th 2015
shehram Thank you Fatima and Maryam Shehram
Apr 5th 2015
MARYAM Oh, yeah! thankyou! Maryam
Apr 2nd 2015
Tooba This story was amazing! Did you write it yourself? Don't get me wrong, this story is good; too good for a 6th grader. Keep writing Tooba
Apr 1st 2015
shehram Maryam it is a suspense story dont forget that and there are some unanswered questions in them Shehram
Apr 1st 2015
MARYAM Well, it was good, I liked it but there are few things I don't understand. -who was that girl and -why was she after you?? Maryam
Mar 31st 2015
shehram :) plz comment how was the ending? Shehram
Mar 30th 2015
shehram :) plz comment how was the ending? Shehram
Mar 30th 2015

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