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Sabika Nida
Sabika Nida
Usman Public School System
Math Book
Published On Mar 30th 2015
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Son asked to father: Why was the math book sad?
Father replied: Because it had too many problems.
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Comments 11
Afrah We can say Mashallah when ever we want M. Afrah
Oct 18th 2016
Moon I don't get this joke. Moon
Aug 20th 2016
M. Fizza asim are you mad dont say mash allah M.
Aug 6th 2015
Ayma Nice Ayma
Jun 25th 2015
Fizzah Asim Masha allah!!!!!!!! Fizzah Asim
Jun 1st 2015
dua Really funny Dua
May 24th 2015
Binte Hahaha Binte
Apr 23rd 2015
hana Lol Hana
Apr 20th 2015
Aneesa Lol Aneesa
Apr 18th 2015
Fizzah Asim HA HA HA HA Fizzah Asim
Apr 2nd 2015
emaan LOL. Emaan
Mar 31st 2015

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