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Aliza   Aamir
Aliza Aamir
The City School
Someone In My Room (part 2)
Published On Mar 23rd 2015
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February 2015

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Izma faintes, after 15 minutes she woke up and saw at the wall of her room.There was "Dead" with blood. Izma felt scary but thought that someone is playing a prank with her. In fact Izma was a brave Girl and did not believe in super natural things or evil spirits. She went to her closet, changed her clothes and went to her art class........ She was so stupid that she did not share it with her teacher.
When  again night came ,she went to her her bed ...........She felt a bit uneasy and felt someone is watching..............She gasped and looked at the old clock.She felt sparking eyes inside the clock.She hoped from the bed and opened the clock chamber ,she screamed there was the head of her Teddy bear and there was a chit hanging ,she opened the chit ,It wrotes................
You are NEXT!
Now, Izma start believing that there is really someone in room..................She sat on her bed ......and after few minutes she heard a  lulaby the girl with white gown and long hair was singing :
Tick Tock Tick Tock
Life is Short ,
Ready to be murdered,
Be ready to be killed,
Tick Tock Tick Tock
Life is Short.
The girl suddenly disappeared. Izma startled and she covered herself with a blaket and siad herself ....It is a bed dream........................She suddenly heard the voice of Tick Tock from the clock again and voice is increasing slowly...................................
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Comments 23
Berha Lots of spelling mistakes but really cool!!! Berha
May 11th 2017
Aliza  Thank you all so much Aliza
May 9th 2017
laiba Cool story U rock Laiba
Mar 19th 2017
yashfeen Good one Yashfeen
Mar 11th 2017
Wafa Very nice story aliza Wafa
Dec 15th 2016
Sep 28th 2016
yashal Nice story aliza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yashal
Feb 28th 2016
yashal Wow scary!!!!! Yashal
Feb 28th 2016
Aliza  Thnx for commenting Aliza
Oct 28th 2015
Wania Good one Wania
Sep 24th 2015
Aliza  Thnx Aliza
Aug 28th 2015
jasmine Cool but lots of spelling mistakes Jasmine
Jul 28th 2015
zoya Exellent Zoya
Jul 12th 2015
Dania Nice story Dania
Jun 19th 2015
amna Congrats!! Amna
May 30th 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
Aliza  Yes but you have to wait........... Aliza
May 9th 2015
Tooba That's okay, after all we all make mistakes :) Any new stories from you? Tooba
May 5th 2015
Aliza  Sorry some times i am out of my senses Aliza
May 5th 2015
Tooba Your comment on SAmir Mustafa's story "Mirror Mirror" was really rude :/ Tooba
May 4th 2015
Aliza  Thank you arbish for the advice there is always a room for improvement Aliza
Apr 27th 2015
Arbish U should hv i write full story :( Arbish
Apr 26th 2015
Fatima Aliza you have write that it was a bed dream.Anyway ice story Fatima
Apr 22nd 2015

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