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Ritika Thorani
Ritika Thorani
Roshan Tara School Ghotki
Greed Is Curse
Published On Apr 20th 2015
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Once a time there was a man who was very poor and lives with his wife & daughter his wife sews clothes & spends their time. Once the man brought a puncture & some tyres then he opened his shop but as it was a village so he didn't get so many customers then he got an idea of getting some money every night. if he spread nails on the road then he will get more customers & more money soon he would become rich and make his big shop one day when he came home he heard the voice of shouting & crying he got in & saw his wife weeping holding his daughter. He asked what happened then she said she had pain in her stomach. he said let’s take her in city he got out & take in car but he forget that he had  threw  nails on the road so his car tyre burst and he didn't have extra tyre in his garage then his wife told him that its b/c of  you  that you tried to get money in a bad way then he prayed  and prayed  and said sorry to god for his deeds and the suddenly a car came and gave then extra tyre he got to hospital &his daughter was well  so the lesson we learned  from his story that greed is curse  & don't be greedy.
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Comments 14
Ayesha Nice Ayesha
Jun 8th 2017
Wania Tenses are wrong but nice story Wania
Sep 22nd 2015
Marwa Nice Marwa
Jun 20th 2015
Dania Tenses are wrong, but the story meaning is wonderiffic Dania
Jun 19th 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
Maryam U r write because if we earn money by a bad way so its haraam :p Maryam
May 25th 2015
amna Tenses are wrong Amna
May 20th 2015
Fatima Nice story Fatima
May 17th 2015
May 13th 2015
Maikham You're right shehram.......tenses are wrong.... Maikham
May 13th 2015
FR NO.1 Nicely written Fr No.1
May 3rd 2015
Ahmed Nice Explanation Ahmed
Apr 22nd 2015
Laibah Wow :') Laibah
Apr 22nd 2015
shehram The tense of the story is wrong Shehram
Apr 22nd 2015

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