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Zukhruf Adil Osawala
Zukhruf Adil Osawala
Home Hifz Student
A Visit To Christians Grave Yard
Published On Jun 14th 2011
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Last Friday I went with my mother and brother to the Quran class with Neelam aunty and Khadijah in their car. on our way aunty felt that the car is getting hot as the gauge in the meter was showing it therefore it was necessary for us to stop the car immediately and we were on a very busy road as soon as aunty got a chance she stopped it and we were in front of Christians grave yard also known as “Gora Qabristan”. Children were getting bored sitting in the car so we got down and were looking behind the wall and we saw lots of graves with cross signs on them. We started to read the names of the people who were buried in and also found a grave of one day old baby and 60 year old lady. As we were standing there many people started coming and we felt by seeing them that some close relative of theirs had died because some were crying & some were holding flowers and to our amazement here ladies were also accompanied with men. They all went inside and were standing around a big cross sign may be they were reciting something.
By the time we were peeking inside the grave yard aunty had called khadijah’s father and he came with the other car and we shifted in the other car and continued our journey to the Quran class.
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Comments 9
Omama Love it Omama
Jun 26th 2011
armeen A gud attempt wich was making me curious.......can u complete d story.. Armeen
Jun 24th 2011
Ashna Don't mind ppl's comments. You had a fair go and that is all that matters. And anywayzz...practice makes perfect! Ashna
Jun 24th 2011
yamna Its not that bad but the way you write should be lil interesting Yamna
Jun 21st 2011
Zahra Polish it up a bit and it would b alright..! :) Zahra
Jun 21st 2011
Ahmed It’s a small experience of your journey but you have written it quiet well Ahmed
Jun 20th 2011
Muhammad Don't get disappointed with the comments. Please try again next time and I am sure you will write great again. Muhammad
Jun 19th 2011
Haris It is a boring story Haris
Jun 18th 2011
Momina Boring Momina
Jun 15th 2011

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