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Sualeha Binte Junaid
Sualeha Binte Junaid
Army Public School Faisal
The Terrifying Dream
Published On Mar 19th 2015
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February 2015

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We all know that ghosts do exist but they are not like that we watch in horror films or dramas. One day i was watching a horror drama:"Khauff" on ARY. I knew it wasn’t real but still very terrifying drama it was! My friend told me about her homes and i believe there are ghosts but they won’t hurt us. After Watching that drama, i watched CID. then I opened facebook for some time and then i felt sleepy so I thought it’s time for bed.
We all know after watching horror stuff. We feel like we are living with ghosts. I also felt it. i forgot to read aitul-qursi and i saw a dream a terrible and frightening dream. it was so pathetic dream , i have ever seen. in it i and my mother were sleeping and a ghost chases us . my brother and father won’t believe it. and so everytime anyone will be alone the ghost would kill that person. Me and my mother stayed together. the ghosts didn’t want anyone to know this so when we snapped its picture, we were gonna told it to everyone. the ghost didn’t bear it and tried to kill us and break the phone. we tried to escape but all doors were locked.  Then the ghost hits me and i was injured badly. There was nothing we gonna do. I was almost gonna die that’s why my mother broke the phone and the ghost also disappeared as she wanted the phone only. Then i suddenly woke up exactly at fajar namaz. After that my mother always reminds me to read aitul-qursi.
So always read aitul-qursi before going to sleep. 
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Comments 17
Moon I just close my eyes, when something horror is going on. Moon
Sep 30th 2016
yashal Hmmm.................creeeeeeeeeeeepyyyyyyyyy Yashal
Jan 21st 2016
Sarah Vshine admin do u not check grammer and spelling at all Sarah
Oct 1st 2015
Wania Remember not to watch creep and scary drama or movies before going to sleep and always read aitul-qursi before sleeping Wania
Sep 24th 2015
Rihab Saamiya is right these things happen in real. Rihab
Aug 17th 2015
Jul 13th 2015
Dania Never forget to read aytal-qursi Dania
Jun 19th 2015
Javeria Wao..nice Ghosts Nama..... Javeria
Jun 8th 2015
Javeria Wao..nice Ghosts Nama..... Javeria
Jun 8th 2015
Saamiya Sometimes in real these things happen that's why i always read ayatal-qursi before and after i watch scary things and go to sleep. :P Saamiya
Jun 8th 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
Maryam This story has good info about ghosts Maryam
May 24th 2015
Rihab Nobody should watch creepy stuff if they cant handle them and then start believing that ghosts are watching them. Rihab
May 18th 2015
FR NO.1 You should mever watch creapy dramas or what so ever becuase they always disturb you way of thinking and you think about negative stuff like ghosts and stuff Fr No.1
May 3rd 2015
Arbish Hmm .. :) Arbish
Apr 28th 2015
Arbish Dont watch creepy dramas and movies they are slowly stored in ur subconcious mind and these stupid stuff comes in ur dream in a stupid way. I also saw this kind of horror dream of my house in which there was a ghost (soul of murdered woman) in our house who had killed a couple who used to live before us and then we were living there. My sister and i was lying on bed I felt someone holding my arms on the other side,I tried to take out my voice i tried to shout but i couldnt.Then i tried to move my body but it also didnt move.I also got up at fajar time and as it is like you and read ayatalqursi and slept again :O Arbish
Apr 26th 2015
MARYAM Yes you are right but then the programs you watched were also very creepy.. Maryam
Apr 23rd 2015

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