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Fatimah Latif
Fatimah Latif
Astrid (httyd2)
Published On Mar 18th 2015
Total Comments : 29
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Comments 29
Fatima I loe ur drawings I can watch them sll day long😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Fatima
May 13th 2017
Beenish The pencil decoration looks like you did not draw it but if you are saying that you have drawn it I believe you:) The sign does not matter all that matters is you are a artist full of talent:) Beenish
Jul 16th 2015
Ayesha Oh dear ! I'm totally speechless!!! its so so so gorgeous n fabulous #ThumbsUp <3 Ayesha
Jun 5th 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
Binte U R SO AMAZING ............. Binte
May 12th 2015
Fatima Omg a wonderful drawing Fatima
Apr 25th 2015
amna You can make absolutely anything fatimah Amna
Apr 15th 2015
Noorul Oh .. i love her and toothless tooooo much ...... oh my god i can't believe that you draw this .......... Noorul
Apr 14th 2015
fatimah Is okay Duaa. U weren't harsh at all. And thanks to u n everyone for appreciating my drawings. Fatimah
Apr 2nd 2015
abeera Awesome!! a thousand times! Abeera
Apr 2nd 2015
duaa No fatimah it's okay you don't want to say sorry actually a true muslim is that who admits it's mistake so now dosty i wish you were in my school :-p well sorry once again if get too harsh Duaa
Mar 31st 2015
fatimah Well at least u admit to ur mistakes. But please know i really dislike people who accuse without knowing the truth, i mean how would it feel like if i told u that "i seriously dislike u n ur work n u r totally worthless!", cuz that's how it feelings like to me when ever anyone blames me of cheating. BUt Duaa, seeing as u are much better than all those others as u admitted so i forgive you and i am sorry too if i was too harsh. Fatimah
Mar 30th 2015
duaa DEAR FATIMAH! why you all are fighting with me? okay FINE YOU MADE IT ! NOW FINE WELL I AM SORRY FATIMAH i don't want make a fight so please okay but sumaisa take it toooooo much long other you are very good and i don't know what happens in your house and i was not saying to you anything okay! Duaa
Mar 29th 2015
 яυмαιsα Dua, doltish younger girls like you shouldn't mess with older girls! яυмαιsα
Mar 28th 2015
 яυмαιsα Yes Hamna! Bestie is a British slang word too :D. яυмαιsα
Mar 28th 2015
fatimah Damn people! If this drawing is too overwhelming for you than just close your accusing eyes. Duaa, my darling, do you know what happens in MY HOUSE? CUZ if u do, then please do us the honour of explaining ur fabulous logic less accusations. Fatimah
Mar 28th 2015
Hamna Er SUMAISA okay . hahahha .The girl is busy in calling you sumaisa . haha 'Rumaisa is her name ma'm Hamna
Mar 28th 2015
Hamna Well . Can't check your dictionary ? i think you have one ? dearie is a word . Er Google is the best answer . and what about bestie ? is it a word ? Hamna
Mar 26th 2015
 яυмαιsα Sorry Fatimah-These ""English Masters" are gonna eat up your comment box. And Dua, that was a typo, not a grammar mistake яυмαιsα
Mar 26th 2015
duaa And sumaisa i mean " THE ENGLISH MASTER" you know well about english? huh? did english spellings in british are ENLISH! Sumaisa dearie ! :-p i thinck not i you should improve your grammer skills YOU POOR Duaa
Mar 25th 2015
Hamna And look over your spellings too *Rumaisa not sumaisa. and Rumaisa is right there are mountains of mistakes in your essay.( sentences are much smaller than it ) Hamna
Mar 24th 2015
 яυмαιsα And Dua, well I guess you have the same problem as Maryam. You surely dont know that "Dearie" is an actual word used in British Enlish, an informal noun that is used to adress a person friendly or in a condescending way! And also, your grammatical sense is quite poor, so you should look at your own mistakes before you coreect others! яυмαιsα
Mar 21st 2015
 яυмαιsα Ah such obnoxious muggles Fatimah, it really makes me pity them! And it seems as if Maryam's vocabulary is quite, well, rudimentary! яυмαιsα
Mar 21st 2015
Hamna *didn't draw it . Marium i know it is too pretty but it doesn't mean if she didn't draw it . Signatures prove it . um ? Hamna
Mar 21st 2015
Maryam Ok I was wrong,well nice work Maryam
Mar 20th 2015
duaa But sumaisa, okay you are saying that she drew it right but it also could be that her elder brother, sister , father or mother or any other drew it and she only sign it it could because my mother had made many good drawing because she had done fine arts so it could be also happen and your spellings of dearie is wrong it's spellings are dear :-p Duaa
Mar 20th 2015
fatimah Of course I didn't Maryam , I mean how stupid that would be cuz all the other drawing on my page, WITHOUT any signature, just poofed out of thin air. Isn't that right Rumaisa? Fatimah
Mar 19th 2015
 яυмαιsα Maryam dearie, you can clearly see her sign beside the sketch so you cant say she didnt make it! яυмαιsα
Mar 19th 2015
Maryam You did not drew it Maryam
Mar 18th 2015

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