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Habiba Rahman
Habiba Rahman
Nakhlah (gcs)
Published On Mar 17th 2015
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We should protect trees. They are our life line. They give us food, oxygen, shade and much more. They also clean the air and combat climate change. The paper we use every day may have been a part of a forest. The trees once helped improve the environment ,brought rainfall ,maintained moderate temperatures ,nourished the soil and prevented soil erosion ,absorbed carbon-dioxide ,collected and recycled water ,released oxygen and regulated climate. Now they are used to wipe your hands, blow your nose and carry your groceries. I really don't like woodcutters and I want to help nature. I want to grow plants but I can't because I live in a flat where there is no grass. So I can't grow plants. But some of the others can. So I want to convey my message. Whoever reads this message please help nature! Don’t think that there is only one way of helping nature there are many other ways too. Like throwing rubbish in dustbin instead of the ground and avoid wasting paper. These may sound small things but they can help nature in an extremely good way.

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Comments 5
Wania True!! Wania
Sep 23rd 2016
Habiba Jazakillah for your comments Habiba
Apr 18th 2015
emaan Great job habiba my friend!! Emaan
Apr 10th 2015
mubashra Good article and a good way for spreading awareness too :) Mubashra
Apr 5th 2015
Bareera I agree... too true Bareera
Mar 26th 2015

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