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Habiba Rahman
Habiba Rahman
Nakhlah (gcs)
Published On Mar 18th 2015
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Long, long ago in ancient China there was a girl named Ann. She was new there because she had just arrived from Canada. She was nervous and didn't go out of her house frequently. But one thing attracted her most and it was the beautiful garden of her house. Once when she was playing in her garden she saw smoke rising from somewhere. Then she saw people running from here to there yelling for help. She was scared to death and went to find a place to hide. Some hours later she heard her father calling her. When she came to him he looked very upset and asked her that where she had been. She told him the whole story and he laughed. He told her that it was only a shooting for a new movie. When he was gone she felt really ashamed of herself and thought what a coward she had been. Then after sometime she promised herself to be brave for the rest of her life.
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Comments 12
Urooj Good😀 Urooj
Jul 16th 2017
Jungkook's Hi! Jungkook's
Sep 30th 2016
Habiba I will be careful next time Habiba
Apr 2nd 2016
Habiba You are right laiba I had written a very odd story Habiba
Feb 21st 2016
Laibah Nyc story but howcome movie shooting in ancient china?????? Laibah
Jun 12th 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
ayesha Good one Ayesha
Apr 9th 2015
eman I am eman miss fareehas daughter Eman
Apr 6th 2015
abeera Well done Abeera
Apr 5th 2015
abeera This story is also nice Abeera
Apr 5th 2015
abeera No worries. u r welcome at all times. dont forget to comment my stuff as well dear habibah Abeera
Apr 5th 2015
Habiba Dua you are the best.Your comments support me.And thanks for your supporting.Thanks again Dua!!!!!!! Habiba
Apr 4th 2015

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