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Hamna  Masood Ahmed
Hamna Masood Ahmed
Usman Public School System
Published On Mar 18th 2015
Total Comments : 26
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Comments 26
Urooj Really Fatma . Fatma why are u so proud? Urooj
Jul 25th 2017
Urooj Because its very true. Urooj
Jul 21st 2017
Urooj Really is this true🤔 Urooj
Jul 21st 2017
Fatima Dont fight and dont laugh. Just think you made a drawing and everyone would laugh. Yiu would feel bad. Fatima
May 13th 2017
Fatima Great drawing. Amazing. Lol Fatima
Jul 24th 2015
Hamna Well you should clear off okay ? cozz i am going to fight with you any more ! Hamna
Jun 15th 2015
Abdullah Hamna it would be better if you would just SHUTUP Abdullah
Jun 11th 2015
Hamna HEHE ! Remember the game of sight ;) Your horrible eyes !!! Hamna
Jun 7th 2015
Abdullah He He He! Worst drawing ever! Abdullah
Jun 6th 2015
Admin Check the My Page winners here Admin
May 29th 2015
Hamna And I accepted Hamna
Apr 21st 2015
Fatima Hamna I send you a friend request Fatima
Apr 20th 2015
Hamna Aden thanks and don't mind coz Abdullah is angry coz we proved his pic was a cheat . Abdullah keep talking your compliments can't discourage me . and you make one beautiful one(without cheating please ) if you think its not nice and its easy to draw nice pics . Okay ? Hamna
Apr 4th 2015
Aden Its a wonderful drawing.How could anyone laugh at it Aden
Apr 3rd 2015
Abdullah You cant stop me Abdullah
Apr 3rd 2015
Hamna Don't interfere Hamna
Mar 31st 2015
Hamna Read first comment of mine Hamna
Mar 31st 2015
Abdullah You call this nice drawing!!!!!!!!!!!! Abdullah
Mar 30th 2015
Hamna Haha . :D same here ;) Hamna
Mar 28th 2015
Mar 26th 2015
Hamna Well Duaa wanna know if you are the daughter of Amer Liaqout Husain ? Hamna
Mar 25th 2015
Hamna Haha dua that is what i do after exams ;). its my story but not during exams . coz i love exams .<3 Hamna
Mar 24th 2015
Hamna Well thanks but i was only making it when there was no thing to do on computer and vshine huh and Duaa can't you see my last comment ? and she is not laughing only feeling dizzy . and dua thanks for appreciating on such a funny picture <3 Hamna
Mar 24th 2015
abeera Its hard to make o paint n the after exams is so true :) Abeera
Mar 23rd 2015
duaa IS SHE HAPPY DURING THE EXAMS??????? WHY!!!!!!! Duaa
Mar 20th 2015
Hamna Oh vshine what a funny picture you chose of mine not the one I made of a beautiful pond I think it was lovely but vshine always thinks opposite of mine :( Please don't laugh at it . Hamna
Mar 18th 2015

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