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Fatima Qureshi
Fatima Qureshi
Bloomfield Hall School
Published On Mar 7th 2015
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amna was walking home quietly with lela. lela asked,"what is wrong"? it is my mom's birthday tomorrow and I don't know a perfect present for her.Maybe you should buy a beautiful necklace or anything that you know that isyour mother's favourite. I know it's really hard said lela. Suddenly amna had an idea. she rushed to the nearby shop where her mom saw a beutiful dress but when she went inside she saw a lady that was giving the money for the dress. amna was really disappointed. she went home sadly. when she was on her way she saw a butterfly. then she remembered that her mom wanted a butterfly collection .so the whole day she didn't go home and kept catching butterflies.the next day it was her mom's birthday she handed over the present to her mom and her mom was as happy as can be. at the end of the day amna's mom said"amna you are the best daughter ever".

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Comments 6
fatima Im sorry andleeb but it is just a story Fatima
Mar 29th 2015
fatima Im sorry andleeb but it is just a story Fatima
Mar 29th 2015
Amn You shouldn't be rude what andaleeb mean was that you should not catch butterflies Amn
Mar 27th 2015
Aiman Lol right Andleeb :p Aiman
Mar 15th 2015
fatima Mind your own buisness and i hope all the stories you write are super weird Fatima
Mar 14th 2015
andleeb Catching butterflies is not good Fatima Andleeb
Mar 7th 2015

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