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Samir Mustafa
Samir Mustafa
Wisdomhouse School
The Most Courteous Person I Have Known
Published On Mar 6th 2015
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My friend Ahmed is the most courteous person i have known. We two are best friends. He lives near my house. We play outside together in the evening.Ahmed likes to help everyone. He always helps me in studies. He always takes first position in our class.Ali always obeys his parents and teachers and therefore it is not surprising that our teacher has made him the class monitior.He helps the other children who are lagging behind the lessons. He did not mind staying after home time in the school to help the children. After a few days the children who were lagging behind were able to catch up to the class. Yesterday when we were going to school a poor child was standing on the road and asking for food. When Ahmed saw the boy he took out his lunch box and gave it to the poor child. I could not believe my eyes because although Ahmed was also a very poor boy and he also don’t have the money to buy some food from the canteen. If i were in his place i would not have given him my food. That is the best thing I always like in Ahmed.Ahmed also is a very intelligent and smart person in our class. Once i fell from my cycle on the road Ali saw me and ran towards me because i was injured badly. First of all he brought a First Aid Box from his home and cleaned my blood. Then he took me to my home and told my parents about the whole incident. I got a complete bed rest for 2 days. He often came to check that everything was alright.Ali is the most intelligent and courteous boy Ihave known!!!!!!!
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Comments 3
Samir Actually when i was writing this story.I was thinking about another story so both stories were in my mind and i mixed up the character names by mistake. Samir
Apr 3rd 2015
Amn Yeah and I guess he is a boring person Amn
Mar 27th 2015
Berha I don't understand sometimes your write Ali and sometimes you write Ahmad Berha
Mar 7th 2015

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