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Muhammad Arslan Ahmed Awan
Muhammad Arslan Ahmed Awan
Sigmund Freud
Published On Mar 6th 2015
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Sigmund Freud was born in Moravia on May 6, 1856.His father was a wool merchant of was a great man with a good sense of humor. His mother was a young beautiful woman of 20 years when she married to Sigmund’s father. It was her second marriage. She was 21 years old when Sigmund born. Sigmund Freud has two older and six younger siblings. And when he was at the age of four years Freud’s family moved to Vienna, and after that Freud lives most of his life in Vienna. Sigmund Freud was really a brilliant child and was intelligent by born. He joined a medical school and he studied there by Professor Ernst Brucke a Physiology teacher. Ernst Brucke was the believer of Reductionism, but Freud was abandon of his ideas. Freud was highly arguable and mooted. He wrote many books and deliver number of lectures which brought him fame. He made a group of people who became a cabinet of Psychoanalytic movement, but he rejected those people who were not totally agree with him, due to this many people separated from Sigmund Freud and join School of Thoughts to compete him. When Vienna became a dangerous place for Jews before World War II Freud migrated to England, and he died there of Cancer.
Freud was not the first who introduced the idea of the conscious mind and unconscious mind but he was the one who made it popular.
According to Sigmund Freud conscious is the smallest part of our mind which includes all the present memories, feelings and thoughts. According to Sigmund, there is a part called Preconscious which work nearly to the conscious and preconscious can easily be made conscious. Such as something which we are not thinking at the moment but suddenly be brought to our mind.
According to Sigmund Freud unconscious is the largest part of our mind it includes all the memories which are not easily available and these memories are associated with trauma. We are not able to look at them. For example we can’t tell anybody what we ate in the breakfast on May 6, 2007. But it is in the unconscious part of our mind which can’t be easily recalled.
According to Sigmund Freud sources of Motivation is Unconscious. It can be the desire of anything like desire of food, desire of sex or having a beautiful house.
Theory of ID ,EGO & SUPEREGO
Sigmund Freud says that reality exists and it begins with the world, which is full of objects. There is a very special thing which is called organism. It is special because it survives and reproduces and it is guided toward these hunger, thirst pain and Sex.
A nervous system is a very important as it has the characteristic of sensitivity. At birth time infantile level human nervous system is more advanced than the all other animals, it is called an “it” or ID.
It gives motivation force to a body Freud called this force as wishes. This wish is called primary process.
Asceticism: It is a disorder in an organism by which it is afraid of their emerging desires. They may protect by denying sexual desires and full other desires. They remove their interests and lives like alone and does not enjoy the life like other people.
In our society girls develop an interest toward make up, beauty. Freud says that their refusing the food is actually a cover for their refusing sexual desires.
Anna Freud describes another part of this Asceticism as restriction of Ego. People of this Ego lose enjoying some part of his life and focus on elsewhere in order to avoid facing reality. If some girl is rejected for her likings, she moves away from feminine things and becomes a “sexless individual”.
Freud Stages:
Freud said that the sex is the most important thing or most important motivation force for children and also for adults of 18+. He said that only doing intercourse is not the real sexuality but all the things that gave us pleasure are the part of sex the part of our body or skin which gave us pleasure or by touching and sucking and rubbing that parts we feel pleasure.
According to there are different parts in our body and different times by touching them we feel great pleasure and later on other theorists called these areas Erogenous.           ** {“Erogenous” (from Google)}
Freud said that the greatest pleasurable thing is sucking and he noticed that we feel more pleasure in sucking breast and in fact a child of 1 month feel pleasure in sucking of everything.
Freud divided the way of pleasure into different stages.
1.            Oral Stage *
2.            Anal Stage *
3.            Phallic Stage *
4.            Latent Stage *
5.            Genital Stage * (names are from Google)
1.            According to Sigmund Freud the oral stage of a child began from the birth to one and half year and in this stage the way of pleasure is sucking and biting and every child do this.
2.            After oral age there is an anal stage of a child which started approximately from 18 months to three years in this age the way of pleasure is Anus , a child hold it and then let it go and feel pleasure.
3.            After oral age a boy or a girl comes to the age of Phallic stage from 3 years to six or seven years, a child feels great pleasure in Masturbation and according to Sigmund Freud it is common.
4.            After six or seven years a child goes to latent stage, in this stage the school boys claim to do  sex and most of them are busy in Masturbating and Playing with their sexual points.
5.            The Genital Stage began after Latent Stage and According to Freud this is the most dangerous stage, in this stage they do sexual intercourse and they feel pleasure in many other things which gave them pleasure and this is an immature age According to Freud.
In fact these all theories which Sigmund Freud gave are near to reality which we can see in our society in modern days. The purpose to explain the theories of Freud is not to force or not to misguide you but the purpose is to tell you the natural things, no doubt these all are natural things but we can control our feelings our emotions a man can do anything what he want and we are supreme creatures of God we should know the demerits of all these things and we should try to avoid these all things. And this is Theory, not the Law and always theory is not authentic it could be changed. We should do our best to control all this.
Stay blessed.
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