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Samir Mustafa
Samir Mustafa
Wisdomhouse School
Published On Mar 6th 2015
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Anna was going to school. She was standing on the road and waiting for her bus. Suddenly a blue car came and stopped at the kerb. Two men came out of the car. The first one was fat and small, his hairs were brown, his eyes were green and he was holding a cigarette between his teeth. The second man was slim and tall. His hairs were black, his eyes were blue and he also had golden teeth in his mouth. They caught hold of her hand and pushed her in the car and accelerated the car at top speed. Anna was very scared. They took her to untidy and filthy room in a big house. They got a chair and told Anna to sit on the chair. There were many ropes on the room and the walls were full of blood. Anna was extremely scared. Then their boss came. Anna asked him that "Why have you brought me here" and gave him an instant dislike look. The kidnapper said that "Your father is a billionaire and you are too small. So he will be very worried after hearing that you are kidnapped so he will give me as much money as I want. When he will give me the money I will kill you and sell your kidneys to a hospital and take a very good amount of it."Anna said “I hate you. You are a very cruel person go away right now." Ok I am going away. We are going to buy some food, don’t try to be smart to run away from here or you will fell from the big fence. “After the kidnappers were gone Anna ran downstairs. As the kidnappers said that the fence was too high for her to climb. She searched the whole house and found a ladder. She took it outside. The ladder was higher than the fence so she climbed on the ladder and got out from that home. She ran as fast as she could. She ran until she was unable to run anymore and then fainted on a road. When she opened her eyes she was on hospital's bed and her mother was standing beside her. She asked her mother that how she here. Her mother is told her that your friend's father saw you fainted on the road and took you to the hospital and called us. OH! I am very happy that I am alive. She thanked her friend's father and they all lived happily ever after!!!!!!!!
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Comments 6
Wania Lololololol Wania
Oct 4th 2015
Arij Lol nice story Arij
Jun 7th 2015
Fatima Good one Fatima
Apr 12th 2015
Anam I luv it Anam
Apr 5th 2015
Anam I luv it Anam
Apr 5th 2015
Amn Good Amn
Mar 27th 2015

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