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Samir Mustafa
Samir Mustafa
Wisdomhouse School
One Day In A Wonder Land
Published On Mar 6th 2015
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One day Ima was sleeping on her bed suddenly she woke up and saw a wizard which was standing beside her bed. She said to the wizard "Please don’t kill me" the wizard said "I don’t want to kill you i just need some help from you. I just want to take you to our land called Middle Earth. A monster lives there called Ogre and he wants to destroy our land and rule on it." Middle of Earth? It is a very weird name i did not liked it .Ok come on lets go to our land of Middle Earth.Ima was a very cute girl her hair was brown her face was full white. Her eyes were Blue which looked very beautiful. Her father name was Andrew and her mother name was Jessica. The wizard swirled his wand and they were vanished from the room and they were in the land of Middle Earth. The land was beautiful there were many flowers in the land. The birds were singing very beautiful songs. The sky was blunt there were many water fountains. She just wanted to jump in the water fountains. Many goblins and imps were there to welcome them. At first Ima was scared after seeing goblins and imps. Then the wizard told her that they won’t hurt you they are just my friends and also want to be friends with you. After the introduction they took her to the king. His name was King Jackson. He was a very cute person his hair was brown, his eyes were green and when he laughed he looked very handsome. The king welcomed Ima very respectfully. The king told her all about the journey which was to the snowy mountains. Ogre lives there. The king gave a map to Ima which was of the snowy mountains. Ima studied the map and took it with her she put the map in her bag and they started their journey to snowy mountains. There were many snowstorms on their journey. They faced all of them. They found a cave between their journey to eat dinner and to spend a night. After spending a night in the cave they continued their journey again. Finally they reacted to the snowy mountains. They saw a cave there. Ogre was inside the cave. Ogre had dark green eyes. His colour of the body was green and there was a hole in his neck which he was throwing fire. Ima was very scared after seeing him. Ima told the other goblins and imps that he is a very dangerous monster. The king told me that he could only be killed from a sword which he always keeps with him so that no one can kill him. Ima had an idea she said to the others that i have an idea and the idea is that you guys will attract his attention towards you when he will come to kill you guys so you guys will run in different directions. He would come go to any direction to kill someone. Until that i will take the sword and face him and defeat him InshaAllah. The others did as Ima said and Ima got the sword. When Ima went to face the monster she was very scared because it was very difficult for her to kill that big and nasty monster all by herself. So she had an idea. She ran and hid into a cave. When the monster was passing by the cave she came out slowly and attacked him from the back. When the monster was dead she could not believe that she has defeated this monster. They all returned to the land of Middle Earth and King Jackson rewarded Ima with many jewels and necklaces. The king said that it is time for her to go back. The wizard took Ima back to her room. Suddenly she opened her eyes so she saw that she is in her big and beautiful room. She ran downstairs and told her parents about the whole story. She thought that it was a dream but it was not. Her parents said that if they were in her place so they would have had so much fun!!!!!!
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Comments 1
Amn Hmmmmm nice bt childish Amn
Mar 27th 2015

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