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яυмαιsα  αнтsнαм
яυмαιsα αнтsнαм
Hogwarts: School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry
Shikamaru Nara [naruto]
Published On Mar 5th 2015
Total Comments : 29
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Comments 29
 яυмαιsα And I'm a fan of Naruto too ♡ яυмαιsα
Oct 2nd 2015
Nabiha Oh yep amazing! (i am a great fan of naruto) Nabiha
Jun 13th 2015
abeera Rumaisa n fatima. anata no ryoho ga subarashidesu Abeera
Apr 5th 2015
 яυмαιsα Aww no it's kay! Huehue, when I will be 17 I will be on Fatimah's level :))) яυмαιsα
Apr 4th 2015
Hamna ER sorry if you felt bad . I was only trying to know that that much good your drawings are then how much is your age . SO i asked you . again sorry if you felt bad . Hamna
Apr 4th 2015
 яυмαιsα Anywho, why did you want to know our ages Hamna? яυмαιsα
Apr 2nd 2015
abeera I am 14 Abeera
Apr 1st 2015
Hamna I am 13 Hamna
Mar 30th 2015
Hamna Dua your age ? Hamna
Mar 30th 2015
 яυмαιsα I am 15- яυмαιsα
Mar 27th 2015
abeera Yes i am under 15 Abeera
Mar 26th 2015
fatimah Nope Hamna, i am 17! Fatimah
Mar 26th 2015
Hamna & Fatimah as well Hamna
Mar 25th 2015
Hamna Wanna know are you under 15 ? Rumaisa and Dua Hamna
Mar 25th 2015
Hamna Your right Fatimah and Rumaisa . And Dua i don't think your lazy . So fast in commenting . ;) haha. Hamna
Mar 24th 2015
abeera So true fatima......guess some of us r too lazy(includes me lol!) n rumaisa keep up the great work.... Abeera
Mar 23rd 2015
 яυмαιsα Thanks Alot! And Fatimah is absolutely right, everyone has a special talent! яυмαιsα
Mar 21st 2015
duaa Gr 8 Duaa
Mar 20th 2015
fatimah Wrong Hamna, every one has talent, but not everyone is brave enough to discover it. Fatimah
Mar 19th 2015
Hamna Its called talent dua which is not in every one Hamna
Mar 18th 2015
abeera Rumaisa!!!how do u make such amazing drawings on painttt!!??! Abeera
Mar 17th 2015
 яυмαιsα Yes I did make it on paint-----And no I am not the same Rumaisa яυмαιsα
Mar 15th 2015
Alishba Are u the same rumaisa who was in mtls n ur drawing is aweasome even its made on paint Alishba
Mar 14th 2015
Hamna Lovely if you really made it on paint Hamna
Mar 14th 2015
 яυмαιsα Thanks a LOT Maryam, Berha and Hamna!♥ And Yes, I made it on paint- яυмαιsα
Mar 13th 2015
Hamna You made it on paint ? eh ? Hamna
Mar 13th 2015
Hamna I hate naruto but I can't help loving these drawing ... Hamna
Mar 13th 2015
Berha Awesome how do make these things tell tell awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Berha
Mar 8th 2015
Mar 5th 2015

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