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Samir Mustafa
Samir Mustafa
Wisdomhouse School
The Big Giant And Brave Sarim
Published On Mar 5th 2015
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Sarim was a very brave and smart boy and he lived in a village called Paglapur. There was a forest in Paglapur and it was very dangerous to go in that forest. A giant lives in the forest and no one knows that. One day Sarim was playing football with his friend suddenly his friend kicked the ball so high that it went straight into the forest. When Sarim went into the forest to take the ball he saw the furious giant which was cooking something in a pot. It looked like he is making some kind of potion. Sarim ran to his home and told his parents about that so they did not believed him. Then he told his friends but they also not believed him. Now he was alone and he thought that he just have to kill the giant all by him. First of all he has to find that what kind of potion he was making. Then one day he went near to the pot when the giant was away. He saw a sign on the pot. He studied about the sign from his library book and he found out that it was a sign of black magic. Then he went again into the forest and heard the giant saying that "Soon all the people of Paglapur will be turned into stone and i will rule Paglapur but i will leave some of the people of Paglapur and make them my slaves." Sarim was very worried after hearing this. He murmured in heart that he will defeat and kill that nasty giant. One day he went in the forest and threw a stone on the giant. The giant got very angry and start chasing him. He stopped in front of a tree. When giant came to kill him he got out of his way and the giant bumped into the tree after doing this three times he ran and stood in front of the pot and threw a peel of banana on the path from which the giant was coming. The giant came to kill him but his leg slipped by the banana peel and his face went directly into the pot and he was turned into a stone. It was looking very funny because giant was standing with his head in the pot. Then Sarim called his parents and friends when they all saw it, they were surprised and were very proud of him. He told about the whole incident to all the peoples of Paglapur. People of Paglapur rewarded him with a medal for his bravery. Then all the people of paglapur lived happily ever after.  
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Berha Nice Berha
Mar 5th 2015

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