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Berha Irfan
Berha Irfan
F.d.c Risalpur
Legend Of Crystal Blade Part 2
Published On Mar 4th 2015
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Christina took the blade and hid it her closet, under her clothes. She went to her father's work room and took out some papers and then wrote all about the Blade printed on the papers and then also tied a small crystal with it. She gave it to her Best Friend Trixie. Trixie loved shiny things and when she saw the crystal and the papers, she loved them. Trixie asked "How on earth did you get these crystals???" Christina gave a little laugh, and then the teacher came and shouted "SILENCE!!!" All the student returned to their seats. Since it was Monday, it was singing day, everyone had a song. Molly, Sally, Tana and even Polly had a good song today sally they don't but Christina Willos did not have a song. The teacher said "You can take your English book and read a poem, okay?"Christina did what she was told. Trixie had puppy called Lona, Lona used to come school but not exam days. Chris came from school early and ate lunch while Christina had afterschool work. As Christina walked back at her home she saw a white little bunny. She gave it a carrot, then the bunny started following her. But then the bunny left her. When she looked in her closet the Blade was gone!!!
Next Part Coming Soon
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Comments 5
Irza U r right ayesha. 'The great and powerful Trixie' Irza
Jul 25th 2017
Ayesha Good! Trixie name is also in MLP ewuistiria girls! Ayesha
Jul 18th 2017
Irza Interesting... Irza
May 24th 2017
Berha Ok Shaza i didnt notice Berha
Apr 13th 2016
Shaza Willows spellings are wrong Shaza
Mar 13th 2015

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