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Aeman Adnan
Aeman Adnan
Lahore Grammar School,lahore
A Story About A Sad Bird
Published On Mar 5th 2015
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Wake up!!!!Screamed the red bird. You should die so one day I have a good sleep, crazy bird waking me up in the morning, said the green bird. You really don't need me?  Said the red bird.  No...Heaven knows why mom gave birth to you .The red bird was very sensitive towards his brother. He took each of the things he said seriously and today he took this thing really seriously. All day long he prayed to God to give him death because his brother doesn't need him and there is nobody who needs him as his parents were also dead. The thing which even made the red bird even sad was that the green bird was getting soon the green bird came back from the market he said ,I am happy that I am getting married because then at least Ill not have to spend the whole day with you. Don't worry I'll die soon, replied the green bird.yeah die die die, said the green bird and went to his room. The day of the wedding came and the green bird got married and got a new home for him and his wife. Months passed the green bird did not talk to red bird. After 5 years when the green bird decided to visit his brother he got to know that he was dead already. The red bird cried and cried for hours but that did not comfort him. He regretted all his mistakes, especially the one sentence he said to him.
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Comments 3
aeman The green bird cried a lot as he was regretting all his mistakes. Thanks berha and maryam Aeman
Mar 11th 2015
Berha Wow Berha
Mar 5th 2015
MARYAM Did the green bird cry or the red bird? Good try and nice lesson Maryam
Mar 5th 2015

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