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Fatima Tariq
Fatima Tariq
Central School System
Never Be Jealous And Never Lie (part 1)
Published On Mar 4th 2015
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Once there was a girl named Maria. She read in a school named girls high school. She was the most intelligent girl in the high school. The all school was her friend. But in the school there was a girl named Nila. She was very jealous from Maria. She wanted that all the girls high school. She lied also. One day Nila said to all the girls that Maria said I do not need friends like you. I will study in a big school. “It cannot be” all girls shouted. Maria was going from the hall. The girls were throwing garbage on her. What happen? asked Maria. What happen? Nila told that you do not need friends like us said one o is of the girl. It not true said Maria. It is said all the girls.
To Be Continued
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Comments 7
Fatima No problem Behra nxt time I would try very hard to not do mistakea Fatima
Jun 3rd 2017
Berha I'm very sorry I was trying to find this story just to say sorry Very nice story and I didn't know you were 7 I'm 10 and so sorry plz forgive me Fatima and nice story Berha
Apr 27th 2016
Tooba Nice story Fatima. @Berha I think it would be better to encourage her, I think it is a wonderful story for someone who is 7 years old. Tooba
Apr 1st 2015
Fatima What does it mean Jasmine Fatima
Mar 25th 2015
jasmine Can we be friends Fatima? Jasmine
Mar 7th 2015
Berha In all your stories there is one thing I hate your GRAMMAR!!! please improve Berha
Mar 5th 2015
MARYAM Okay, you could improve a bit, your grammar and all that but besides that nice story.. Maryam
Mar 4th 2015

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