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Runo Rose
Runo Rose
My Little Sister
Published On Mar 6th 2015
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The bright colours of flower after a shower of water always mesmerizes me while it's sweet smell wafted by the breeze bring me to the state of tranquility from where i could not help but admire that how watering a garden could help me shed all the stress of the day.
As i was walking in to the garden my mother's voice caught my attention and my mind registered that the meal has been served so i hurried to the washroom to clean my hands.
When i reached the table my elder brother and sister and my parents were already there except for my younger sister.
"Where is rose? “I interrogated.
"She was playing in the front garden. I called her. She must be on her way. “My mother told me and so i sat with the rest of my family but after some time no one could understand why she failed to turn up.
"I will go and check her" I told my parents and strode toward the garden. there was no sigh of her at her playing area and so i advanced toward her tree house thinking that she might have not heard mom's voice but when i reached their and what i saw had sent chills through my bones.
Rose was lying on the ground, her head was badly injured. I rushed to her, begged her to give me any sign of consciousness but the silence that followed put me in apprehension and i called out for mom and dad.
Hearing my voice my family came out and were as shocked to see us as i was to Rose. My father rushed towards us followed by the rest of the family and took her in his arms and strode towards the car.
He commanded us to sit in to the car which we obeyed without any delay. Then at hospital while doctors were working on Rose my thoughts told me how she must have slipped while climbing down from the tree at mom's call but soon these thoughts were intervened as the doctor came out. He told us that there is nothing serious to worry about and that she is well now. Then by doctor's permission we went inside, hugged rose, scolded her for being reckless and told her how much anxious we were for her but what she said was, "OK! i get it. I will be careful next time. Mom, Dad i am hungry. I want to eat something."
At this a smile stretched on our face and we all laughed.
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Comments 4
amna Nice story Amna
Oct 30th 2015
Wania Nice vocabulary Runo Plzz don't comment things like Amn Wania
Oct 4th 2015
Anam Amn if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all..the story and Runo's vocabulary are awesome... Anam
Jul 4th 2015
Amn As if I am interested Amn
Mar 27th 2015

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