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Syeda Zuha Zaidi
Syeda Zuha Zaidi
Adler College
Province Sindh
Published On Mar 7th 2015
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PROVINCE SINDH: Sindh, our beloved province is different from all other provinces. Because it is the mixture of all the things. Like, some provinces have mountains but not rivers some have rivers but not mountains. But Sindh is one and only province which is the structure of all the things. It has rivers, ponds, lakes, oceans and mountains too.
INTRODUCTION: Sindh was the home to one of the world's oldest civilizations, the INDUS VALLEY CIVILIZATION.Ongar is one of the most important Paleolithic site discovered in Southern Sindh, few kilometers south of Hyderabad, on the right side of Indus River.
IDENTIFICATION: Sindh is so much famous for its Sindhi Ajrak and Topi. They are also famous for their Customs and Traditions.
SINDHI FOOD: The daily food in most Sindhi household consists of Wheat-based flat-bread (pula) and rice accompanied by two dishes, one gravy and one dry.
THE MOST FAMOUS PLACES IN SINDH: Mohenjo-Daro, Kot Diji Fort, Bhanbore, Keenjhar Lake, Khirtar National Park and Naukot Fort are some of the famous and historical places in Sindh.
Shah Abdul Latif Bhatai: Shah Abdul Latif Bhatai (1689-1752) was a noted Sindhi Sufi scholar,mystic,saint and poet widely considered to be the greatest poet of Sindhi Language. His tomb is located in Bhit or Bhit Shah in a small town of Matiari District Sindh, Pakistan.
Syed Abdullah Shah Ghazi: Syed Abdullah Shah Ghazi(720-773)is considered to be patron saint of Sindh,karachi,Pakistan.His tomb is located in the in Clifton neighborhood of Sadder Town in Karachi.
Syed Sakhi Lal Shahbaz Qalandar: Syed Sakhi Lal Shahbaz Qalandar(1177-1274)was a sufi philospher of Pakistan.He beloned to the SUHRAWARDI order of Sufis. His tomb is located in Sehwan Sharif Dadu District,Sindh,Karachi.
Quaid-e-Azam:Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah(25/December/1876-11/September/1948)was a lawyer,politician and founder of Pakistan.He was also the leader of the party All India Muslim League.He served his whole life making Pakistan.His tomb is located in Sindh,Pakistan,Karachi.
          This was the shortest history of Sindh but in actual if I gonna tell you about it so my life will complete but it's facts and feature will not complete. PROUD TO BE A PAKISTANI.....
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Aiza Good one Aiza
Dec 25th 2016
Wania Good and at first I thought that admin had uploaded it but then saw your name😊😊😂😂 Wania
Sep 23rd 2016
andleeb Nice article Andleeb
Mar 7th 2015

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