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Abeera Farhan
Abeera Farhan
Sadequain Grammar School
A Lesson I Learned
Published On Mar 9th 2015
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In the month of Ramadan, I was lying down on the couch and was bored. When suddenly it struck to me, why not cook something? So I went to my room and found an easy recipe in Vshine.I had to use the oven and a pan so I went to my mom to ask for a pan but when I told her what I was going to do with it she refused and said that I'm  too young and might do something wrong. After that she went for a nap but I did not listen to her, I found the pan myself and started mixing ingredients. I put it in the oven, set the time and went to read Vshine. After a while I heard a blast and went to the kitchen to see what had happened. It was a disaster, the oven door was open, the cake was spread all over the kitchen and the pan was melted. My mom was furious and asked me what I had done. So we inspected a bit and found out that I had put too much yeast and I accidently used a plastic pan so it melted. My mom was right, she always is. I realized it not only by just one incident but many others. In the end I learned my lesson and tried my best not to disobey my parents ever again.
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Comments 13
Amna I didn't gave it to her😂😂 anyways cool thing we're again together :);) Amna
Jul 23rd 2016
abeera Lol u too n i cant believe u gave this account to your sis oh well best of luck n guess what i m repeating ten soooo im kinda in the same class as u ;-) ^-^ Abeera
Mar 31st 2016
Amna Hi Dui! How r u? How is everyone at home? I just wanna say that I miss u and best of luck for your future!!! Amna
Feb 9th 2016
abeera Hey there ishi whats up girl? Abeera
Nov 9th 2015
Amna Hey!! Amna
Oct 24th 2015
Amna Hi dui! Amna
Sep 2nd 2015
Shaheer Gud story ! BTW GO! .MR.N GO ! He lost :) Shaheer
May 23rd 2015
Habiba Very nice! Habiba
Apr 30th 2015
amna Nice story Amna
Apr 14th 2015
abeera Thanks Abeera
Mar 29th 2015
Amn Nyc one Amn
Mar 27th 2015
Tooba Wow so much yeast was any one so so angry Tooba
Mar 24th 2015
abeera Come on....comment Abeera
Mar 23rd 2015

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