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Shehram Chaudhry
Shehram Chaudhry
Lahore School Of Learning
The Mysterious Girl Part 4
Published On Mar 10th 2015
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All these peculiar happenings had driven me half crazy. I was very talkative before now but now I hardly talked. I was tired all throughout the day no matter how much I rested.  All this was eating me and my brain. I was always restless. I would always lose in myself and my thoughts I don’t know why.
 One usual day I came back from school. I went into the kitchen but my mom wasn’t there. I made my way to her room. I could sense the threatening air, as if something was going to happen. I turned the door knob so the door clicked open, revealing a daunting scene.
 My mom’s rocking chair was occupied by someone that no one knows properly not even me, or maybe I did but in a strange way. Really strange. On my mom’s rocking chair sat a scrawny figure dressed in a white gown with blood all over it. Blood flowed from her mouth. She opened her mouth disclosing her razor sharp teeth with blood on them. Her silky black hair falling over all her face added to the scary effect. My heartbeat grew and some strange power had frozen me. Her eyeballs went round and round and the weirdest thing was that her eyeballs changed from black to red and then to green and hen a bright yellow and then back to black. This cycle continued as long as I know. Really they did 
She scoured at me. I was obviously intimidated by her. I was a namby-pamby girl who wasn’t used to that sort of thing before I was acquainted with the peculiar girl. Not really acquainted, I mean when I met her, when I saw her.  A surge of fear entered me as I stood staring at her and she sat staring back at me. The scene was really frantic. I’m sure if you would be in my place you’d be the same as me. 
Suddenly I screamed. I felt a light breeze as if from nowhere, slamming on my face.  The girl disappeared into the thin air.  For some minutes I stood there staring at the chair. Suddenly something touched on my shoulder. Taken by surprise I turned around to see my mother standing beside. She had appeared from I don’t know where.
She calmed me down. I was burning hot by now. My mom interrogated “What happened, my dear?” I didn’t answer. The only sound I could hear was the ticking of the grandfather clock that stood in the corner of my mom’s room. I regained my thoughts and words and declared “Mom, it was the same girl sitting on your chair.” “Which girl? Dear” “The one I told you about” “Listen dear there is nothing on earth like what you say, no human who can disappear into the air, and I can see no girl here. It must be another scary dream you had.” I found it better not to argue because I know she wouldn’t believe, rather no one would thinking it was too superstitious to happen.  “Go have a bath dear, I’m sure you would feel better.” “Ok” I went and had a bath. I was calm and normal now. I knew that the girl did have a purpose. Not just to scare me, but I had sensed that she had a special purpose or a special reason that I don’t know maybe anyone knew. That was all I could make up of all this.
Well, my dad came back from office. My mom said that I should have a checkup. My dad and mom took me to the psychiatrist. First the doc examined me and then he sent me out of the room with the nurse to have what he called a “private talk “with my parents. I rather did not like it. I wanted to know what was going on and what really was happening, but no one really wanted me to know. That’s what I sensed. It was strange all over. Nothing made sense, so I tried to forget it for some time.
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Comments 3
Wania Awesome Wania
Oct 4th 2015
amna Nyc story Amna
Apr 14th 2015
shehram Finally the next part i ahve written and sent for approval. Shehram
Mar 27th 2015

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