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Syeda Zuha Zaidi
Syeda Zuha Zaidi
Adler College
Pangolin The Strangest Creature
Published On Feb 23rd 2015
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Introduction: In some parts of Africa and Asia there lives a strange creature called PANGOLIN.
Structure: The Pangolin is medium sized animal, about a metre long. It has short legs and very long, stout tail.
The word "PANGOLIN": Their name Pangolin comes from Malay word "PANGULLING". In Malay this word means "something that rolls up" and that what it does; it rolls up.
Defence: Pangolin has a strong coat of armour from which he defends itself. It simply tucks its head into its chest and rolls itself into ball until danger has passed.
Pangolin Skin: The pangolin is covered with large, horny scales. They are soft when pangolin is born but fets harder when they grow. These scales are made of material called Keratin.
Pangolin's Tongue: Its tongue extends for about 40cm long beyond mouth. The tongue is not joined to the mouth, nor does it do starts from mouth. Its tongue starts way down in its abdomen.
Why does it need such a long tongue? Well, the tongue makes it easy for them to take food into mouth.
Eating habitat: Pangolin favourite food is ANT. It can pick a lot of ants at a time. They just swallow their food, for it has no teeth to chew with.
Sharp Claws: They has long, sharp claws, it does not used for the purpose of defence. It uses them to dig away hard earth from ant hill.
Good Climber: Pangolin is good climber as well. With the help of its powerful tail it can get a good grip on a branch.
Great Danger On Pangolin: The pangolin is also is danger of becoming extinct. In Africa and China, people eat Pangolins. In many places large forests have been cut down leading to decrease in their number.
01) Pangolin has at least 40cm long tongue.
02) Their muscular action of stomach and the pebbles help in digestion.
03) Pangolin scales are very useful as from their scales are nails are made.
04) They does not have teeth, they just can swallow their food.
05 ) In some countries people's favourite food is Pangolin.
Things You Will Need:
MEHOD: First wrap a paper tightly shaping it like a ball. Then wrap paper tape carefully around the ball, and then paint it of the pangolin's colour. With the help of marker make its eyes and face structure. Then your pangolin ball is ready. When you will throw it, it will roll up like a ball. HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!
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Comments 3
Wania Awesome Wania
Sep 23rd 2016
Syeda Zuha's too much cutie..!! Syeda Zuha
Feb 27th 2015
abeera Nice article I saw its picture on net it is so cute Abeera
Feb 25th 2015

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