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Muhammad Arham Tabish
Muhammad Arham Tabish
Beacon House School System Pechs Campus Karachi
The Curse Of "the Headless Horseman" (continued Part)
Published On Feb 24th 2015
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The man let out a terrified scream as the Headless Horseman came galloping towards him at full speed carrying a sword in his hand. The man turned and started running as fast as he could, desperately trying to make it across the bridge over the river before the ghostly rider caught up with him. According to ancient folk beliefs, ghosts and evil spirits will not dare to cross the running water.
Just then, the man stumbled and fell onto the muddy road. He rolled into the ditch and the Headless horseman thundered past him and disappeared into the darkness. The frightened man lay in the ditch for almost an hour before he had the courage to crawl out and make his way home. When he reached his house, he woke up his wife and told her about the decapitated ghost he had encountered. He was shivering badly and was caught by a fever. Even so, the man did not slept the whole night.
By the next day, the story had spread all over Lonesville. Some people thought that the ghost must be roaming the roads at night in search of his missing head. While others claimed that the Hessian soldier was still fighting the battle, unaware that the war had ended long time ago. They say that the Headless Horseman would continue roaming in the lonely streets on dark nights until and unless his lost head is not recovered and buried with his body.......
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Comments 4
Fajr Omair Is there a next part. Please send it. Fajr Omair
Jun 19th 2015
Berha Good Berha
Mar 1st 2015
Rihab Curse is good Rihab
Feb 28th 2015
MARYAM I loved it.. suits me... i luv horror stories Maryam
Feb 26th 2015

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