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Khadija Ahmed
Khadija Ahmed
Tabanis College
Mysterious Life Part 3
Published On Mar 10th 2015
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Heading 1: New school
"Julian wakes up! Hurry, today is your first day for your new school "Miss Eliza shook her.
"WHAT?!! My new school? “Julian jumped out of bed. An awkward feeling caught her.
"How could dad change my school? It was my favorite school where all my friends were" she cried.
"Oh dear there is not enough time to answer your questions. Hurry up, go to the bathroom and take a bath. Wash yourself properly. You just slept in your new clothes last night. “Eliza said with a frown on her face .she looked annoyed
Julian stood stunned… what is going on? She thought. After sometime her footsteps were moving towards bathroom. After half an hour she was at her dining table. Today dad was not there for waiting for her on the table so she ate the breakfast alone. To her surprise she didn't remember anything what happened last night bit was no use.
Completely ready she entered the school van and in 15 minutes she was outside at her new school. It was bigger than the older one and so attractive. All her feelings want by and she stepped in. As soon as reached her classroom someone greeted her from the back .She turned around and saw a girl with brown hairs who was trying to shake hands with her.
"Hi!!! My name is Catherine but you can also call me Cath because everyone calls me by this name………… "Soon Julian realized that Cath was a talkative girl and a nice friend too. All the afternoon they discussed all their things but Julian had a doubt that something she had forgotten As the school bell rang, Julian waved her friend and left for her van.
Heading 2: Rude behavior
Feeling tired she entered her lounge and saw a lady sitting on the sofa with wearing heavy jewelry of gold and shiny gown. Alas! This was the thing she forgot to tell Cath .She rushed to her .She felt confused and rushed to her room .she was perplexed when she saw her room changed. There was no more expensive luxury in her room. With a heavy heart she went to the dining table because she was feeling hungry and dizzy. While sitting on her chair, little girl lost in her thoughts. Suddenly a shout came from behind and a current went through her bones. Then she turned and saw her stepmother, Rubella.
"How dare you sat on this chair? You should sit on ground! I am the owner of this house now, you listen and obey my orders, understand? "
Julian gasped and then she replied back
"No! You can't order me. You are not my mother. You leave my house and let me live. "
And the second instant, Rubella slapped her
"You such a disaster! Go in your room! You cannot get away from me .NOW LEAVE! "
Julian ran as fast as she could towards her room, her heart was pounding her cheek was red and she was frightened. Few moments later Eliza came with a piece of cake and a glass of water
"These are the only things your mother ordered me to give you “she said
"She is not my mother! I hate her"Jullian replied with full of range.
"Julian has some manners I am elder than you! And you should call her your mother… your first mother was a cheater" said Eliza and left.
"No she wasn't a cheater, you all are cheater"Jullian shouted from back but Eliza was gone.
Heading 3: Changes
At night it was stormy. Rain drops were felling down from the sky to the ground .Julian said by the window missing her mom. She was missing the moments when mom was with her. Suddenly an idea clicked her mind .Why not she find her mother's contact number and ask her to come here? , she thought. She ran down the stairs and luckily her parents were out. She felt happy but awkward too, she searched her parents’ room but no use, and there was not a single thing about her mom now. She realized everything is changing now, her da too. She wants in her room and done her homework but still it wasn't time for sleep. Her tummy was full and then after roaming around she went to sleep.
Next day Julian told everything to Cath. Cath was disappointed when she listened her story. How could this happen to her friend, she thought. Then to change the mood of Julian, Cath took her to the library so they could read books.
Two days passed by and the things were getting worse by worse. Not a single moment Julian had a chance to talk to her father and the stepmother was treating her like a slave. She didn't get enough food to eat nor good clothes but her father never came to cheek her.
One day when Julian was brutally and badly beaten by Rubella, Cath and Julian made a plan to escape from the stepmother.
(Read next part later)
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Comments 8
Wania Good Wania
Oct 4th 2015
khadija I have sent it ;p Khadija
Mar 24th 2015
Manahil U r welcome . Still waiti'n for the part 4 Manahil
Mar 21st 2015
khadija Thank you manahil :) Khadija
Mar 17th 2015
Manahil Keep up the good work khadija!! Manahil
Mar 16th 2015
khadija Now days I am having exams so on up coming saturday they will end. After that I will write and send the next part :) Khadija
Mar 15th 2015
Aiman Waiting for the next part.......plz puplish it soon :) Aiman
Mar 15th 2015
MARYAM It's nice, waiting for next part... Maryam
Mar 11th 2015

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