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Nnazneen Naz
Nnazneen Naz
University Of Karachi
Live Safely
Published On Mar 10th 2015
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Living safely is as much important as we give value to a non-living object. Life is worth than anything else. It is sometime the question of one's life. But indeed knowing such facts and a matter of life do we really believe that we citizen are living safely. Not only above schools also prefer safety zone for every child, children in every schools are given special practices or certain drills to make them aware how much life is important. Now a day’s schools are giving crucial attention towards safety of children. Security measures are  taken such as high walls are made with the coils, entrance of any known without identification is forbidden, child is handover with an ID cards, security guards are kept and many other precautions are there this is all for the children as they are the future generation, capital of any country. They play an important role in the country's development. Not only at home, but at roads if you see there are various signs or symbols for pedestrians how to cross roads as well as drivers that how to run a vehicle and where to stop so no accidents takes place. In factory and offices workers are kept alert by putting notices or signs to alert them of danger zone or they keep such ammunitions to control the harm. Every citizen specially educated people are aware while cooking, using electrical appliances, using chemical for different purposes, they take precautions. But the problem really occurs in slum area where it is least considered. The people over there take everything at ease just because of that many incident takes place. But now different campaigning or counseling has been initiated in such areas to make people aware how to live safely. Living safely is an art of life and also considered as a part of life. Safety precautions or measurements are indeed essential for everyone, and everyone should be aware of its importance. The significance of living safely is not only recommended for human beings but it is also for wild life.
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Sep 23rd 2016

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