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Ayesha Rehan
Ayesha Rehan
The Red Red Rose
Published On Mar 10th 2015
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The red red rose,

Has a very good pose,

Its petals are red,

To the ants it's like a bed,

A hundred petals each,

The pollen's like a peach,

It grows near the hose,

It's a very good dose,

It's like the blazing fire,

As it grows higher,

We water it every day,

To make it look like a beautiful beach bay,

A shopkeeper plucks it out of the floor,

Than people buy it at his store,

Than the red red rose,

Gives a sad little pose,

Because it was plucked out of the ground,

And it might accidently get to a hound,

But the one who night the flower,

Was full of Amazement and power,

But shortly after the water grew less the,

The flower died and in the grave it rests!


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Comments 3
Habiba Emaan I accepted your request.And all my friends I forgot my password of my previous account and tried to reset it but it wouldn't reset so I made a new account.In my previous account I wrote the poem flying high as my previous pen friends know.I was sad when I had to make a new account.But as I am vshine's greatest fan I had to make a new account so please consider me as the previous Habibah.OK. Habiba
Mar 15th 2015
Ayesha Emaan our poem has been published yahoo! Ayesha
Mar 14th 2015
emaan Ayesha, good job. Oh, and Habiba's poem is on march vshine in young writers. Emaan
Mar 14th 2015

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