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Mubashra Ayub
Mubashra Ayub
National Model Higher Secondary School Sheikhupura
Islam Is The Best Way
Published On Feb 9th 2015
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Islam means peace,
It doesn’t allow anybody to tease
Islam is the best way,
With shining and bright rays
Islam orders us to be honest,
Because it’s reward is sweetest
Just pray five times a day,
It can make you walk on the right way
To get marks in the judgment test,
Don’t go for free rest,
Giving alms is the best
Say Allah is the one,
Who has created the sun?
He has no heir,
And anybody who will deny this will go to fire
Those who have done good deeds,
Allah will complete their needs
Just do well and hope for the good,
Then you will get the tasty food
The food that never gets out of run,
And is only available in Heaven.
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Comments 5
ayesha (MASHALLAH) amazing very true!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Ayesha
Apr 9th 2015
aeman Noce Aeman
Apr 1st 2015
Fatima Mubashra you are just like my sister.But No only you all boys and girls are like my brothers and sisters Fatima
Mar 21st 2015
mubashra Thank u very much Mubashra
Feb 11th 2015
Fatima Very true I like your poems very much Fatima
Feb 10th 2015

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