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Zara Iqbal
Zara Iqbal
The Ghost That Never Was
Published On Feb 9th 2015
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"What did you do that for!" Izzy asked her best friend Amy. Izzy had just received detention for reading a note that Amy had given her. "Oh sorry, I didn't mean to! I just had to tell you about something. I couldn't wait to tell you. So really I had no choice. Anyway did you read the note?" said Amy. "Oh, Mr Gibon took it off me before I even had a glimpse!" replied Izzy. "Ok here it is, tonight my Mum and Dad are going out. Mum said that I could ask you over for a sleepover as long as we’re asleep for ten." Amy answered. "Ok It'll be fun. I'll come to yours at seven."
At ten to seven Amy's Mum and Dad were leaving. Before they went Amy's Mum said" Remember no staying up after ten and I want the house spotless and..." Amy's Mum was one of those Mums who had rules. Especially rules that were for when she was not around. When they had finally left Izzy came. They planned to go up in Amy's bedroom, make it cosy, bring up all sorts of treats and mainly just talk.
That is just what they did. At half nine they started tidying up. Then at quarter too ten they settled into their beds and switched the light off. Suddenly they heard a voice "oooohhhhhhh what a strong friendship you have! More the better to eat youuuuu!"
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" they screamed. Just then the lights turned on. It was Ian. Amy's older brother. "What are you doing here Mum said you would be out with your mates!"asked Amy annnoyed, "That was a bit mean scaring us the first minuite you see us!" "Well sorry, it was only a little bit of fun anyway Mum just texted me and said that they were stuck in traffic and will be coming later. She asked me to come and check on you. So yeah end of story and goodbye I am going back to my own room!" said Ian all at once.
As soon as he had gone Izzy said "Well he was the ghost that never was I always thought your house was creepy!" And with that the two girls fell asleep not waking up until morning.
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Comments 3
Saba Gud keep it up Saba
Dec 2nd 2015
Tooba Scared me at first Tooba
Feb 23rd 2015
jasmine Nice,keep it up Jasmine
Feb 11th 2015

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