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Wania Sultan
Wania Sultan
Usman Public School
The Orange Thief
Published On Feb 5th 2015
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"Hmm. Now this is a mystery..."said Mr. Saleem who was reading the newspaper."What seems like a mystery dad?" 
Asked Rahima and Rumaisa."See for yourself."Mr. Saleem passed the newspaper to her two daughters. Said Rahima while drinking her chocolate milk "Ghost or man, No one knows but there is someone who is stealing the world famous oranges from Mr. Rehman's shop, we need a person who can catch this orange thief, and the person who catches this unknown thief will get a chance to join the Arts club as well as a huge prize..If u are talented and interested enough then come to the address given below.""Hmm now this looks like a tricky case.." said Rumaisa."I think we should try our lucky too as we just won the Best Detective Competition" said Rahima. "Ya dad can u drop us to the given address by afternoon please?"asked Rumaisa."Sure...Be ready i will pick u up by 11". The sun raised and it was finally mid afternoon. The both sisters were waiting for their dad by the house door."Beep! Beep!" the horn rang as their father waited for them outside the house in his car. When the girls reached Mr.Rehmans shop there was already a crowd. People went in and people went out but no one succeed in catching the orange thief. Finally it was their turn. When they went in they smelled a weird smell which usually seemed to be coming from the pipe. The girls noted all the important points on their notepad. After this weird welcome, they went to the kitchen to see if there is some proof in there. They checked all the cupboards but all they found was a pair of tore clothes. After that they went to the last place left in the shop, they went into the orange pantry. Rahima said reading all the points "Hmm i think it’s a....". "Wait! look at this! I found a tiny hair. Pass me the magnifying glass."said Rumaisa. She took the magnifying glass to take a close look at the hair."It’s hair!!!" Shrieked Rumaisa."Wait. Come there’s one more place we haven’t checked" Rahima grabbed Rumaisa's hand and took her to the washroom. "Look at this, broken Pipe. This is where the mouse came from!"said Rahima and near the pipeline there was an orange rat whose tail was trapped in a pipe. Looks like the orange thief was an orange mouse. The both girls were very happy to solve the mystery. They told the whole story to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper rewarded them a full basket of the pulpy oranges. Finally the mystery of the orange thief was solved.
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Comments 2
jasmine Awsome Jasmine
Feb 11th 2015
Umair Nice story Umair
Feb 5th 2015

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