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Minhil Bukhari
Minhil Bukhari
Stop Smoking
Published On Jun 10th 2011
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Stop smoking
stop smoking
it causes Emphazima

A cigarette has 4000 bad chemicals dissolved in it
and 500 additives
Arsenic-found in rat poison.
Formaldehyde-used to preserve dead bodies
Benzene-found in rubber cement.
Tar-used to lay down streets
Butane-lighter fluid
So why do you think it's good to smoke
      Any reason????
No reason
there is no reason to smoke cigarettes
except addiction
the only reason
And it makes your life hasty
when you waste time by smoking
We only tell you for your own good and safety
so please stop smoking
if u stops smoking
Then u can help by not polluting
our dear mother earth
which we live on
Which provides us food
and with plenty of water
it provides us trees
To make different things.
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Comments 3
Shahamah Nice pic, Menahil! Shahamah
Jun 25th 2011
Shahamah Good information..but there isn't any rythm Shahamah
Jun 25th 2011
Hafsa GUD Hafsa
Jun 18th 2011

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