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Minahil Khan
Minahil Khan
Beacon House School System Wah Cantt
Life Is A Journey
Published On Jan 31st 2015
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Life is a journey. Any doubts? No right. In this journey we face a lot of things. It’s not we face them. It’s our life and we have to go all through this. Facing lot things in life is called life. But living normally and without any worries is not called life. Life has many ups and downs in it, once if it goes flat you are dead. Make your life interesting. Don’t say your life is pathetic, it’s just like a paragraph with many spelling errors but still amazing and you are the author of it. Don’t look at people’s life then compare yours. Live your own life. Now on the point that is LIFE IS A JOURNEY. Yes, have you ever gone on a journey or an adventure? No, I also never went. But try to make my single moment a journey. Doing stuff in a normal way is crazy, but doing crazy things is normal for me. Making memories and thinking of them every time makes you remember the past. But past don’t remind you about memories it reminds you about all the worries and tension you had in past, but reminding the past is not a bad thing. It helps you making you making your present better. Have you ever hate a person for a second and loved that person for years. Now I would like to put the family in. your family is rude on you but they love you the most. Never regret about your family because not having them for a single second hurt you a lot. They give you everything you want. They are myths that the middle child is neglected ‘OH MY GOD’ a mother loves all of his children. I cannot believe on this I am writing this because I say the most that I am neglected.  But that’s not the truth. My father is a lovely person everybody’s father is. Fathers are the one who keep you in mind every second. Right now my brothers asked me are you my part and said yes. So I’ll start the brother talk, every brother is a brother, new born, toddler or very big. My brother is very small but I love him a lot he stands before to save me I love him but I shout on him the most. sister are a blessing. aren't they. My sister, is a blessing, we go bananas  together sometimes bulls in a china shop. We don’t talk to each other till nights but at 12:00 clock we are friends again if I advise you lose a friend but not a sister. A woman without her sister is just like a bird without her wings. In other words not lose a family. Now my religion that is Islam. A wonder full religion that teaches you self-actualization and peace moreover. It has kept the humanity before personal interests and trust me it is wonderful being a Muslim. You get to know what you are. Before setting any priorities you should know who you are? What you are? Where you are? And this is all what matters.
Now after this who am I. I   am a girl 12 years old. Very crazy but I like to be crazy because it makes me different I like sour things a lot. I think every diseases is to me and my sister says I am suffering  from psychological  disorder and in that I think all about this. I am very moody and very self-obsessed (especially about my hair). In this world I like few people that is my family and bhai ( my elder cousin) I like chocolate that everybody  who reads this should bring chocolates for me ( just joking .and if you bring something good than why not) I hate math's because it’s tough. Want to know more about me so I I am pretty and that’s enough.
Talking this stuff makes me different so don’t try to be me because it’s really different.
Written by Minahil khan
Edited by Maham khan
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Comments 4
Maheen Nice one Maheen
Jul 22nd 2017
Wania Bravo!! 9.5 stars. 9 stars and a half. 👍 Wania
Sep 23rd 2016
Berha Excellent wow 100%100 Berha
Feb 6th 2015
Umair Nice written....9 stars wow Umair
Feb 5th 2015

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