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Berha Irfan
Berha Irfan
F.d.c Risalpur
Riddles With Answers
Published On Jan 31st 2015
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There is a yellow house made of yellow bricks, there is an orange house made of orange bricks, what is the green house made of
Ans: Glass
Where do fish keep their money?
Ans: In a riverbank!!!
Susan's mother had three daughters April, May, what was the third daughter's name?
Ans: Susan [Read the Riddle again if you don't understand]
You will break it even when you name it, what am I?
Ans: Silence
It belongs to you but your friends & family use it more then you what am i?
Ans:Your name
What happens twice in a week once in a year never in a day?
Ans: The letter E
What goes all around the world but stays on one spot?
Ans: A post Stamp
What can you catch but not throw?
Ans: A cold
What am I? I hold water but have holes?
Ans: Sponge
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Comments 14
Afrah Nice one Afrah
Oct 20th 2016
Berha Thx all of you and i won't write answers nxt time Berha
Apr 13th 2016
Maida I like the susan's one riddle other were also good Maida
Apr 3rd 2016
Maida I like the susan's one riddle other were also good Maida
Apr 3rd 2016
M. Yeah Berha u r right but y u wrote the answers M.
Apr 4th 2015
Rida NyC! Rida
Mar 7th 2015
jasmine Nyc Jasmine
Mar 3rd 2015
abeera Gud... Abeera
Mar 2nd 2015
Rihab The third one was good. Rihab
Feb 28th 2015
M. Gr8 M.
Feb 23rd 2015
andleeb Manahil understand that third daughter is susan because her mother had only 3 daughters Andleeb
Feb 18th 2015
Manahil Nice but I still don't get the april may one Manahil
Feb 7th 2015
usman It is wonderfull Usman
Feb 7th 2015
Laibah Nyc but y u wrote answers? Laibah
Feb 1st 2015

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