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Tawassul Zehra
Tawassul Zehra
Fatimiyah Girls School
Sadness Is When.
Published On Jan 30th 2015
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Sadness is when no text after a 'HMMM'
Sadness is when nobody understands you
Sadness is when mother falls sick
Sadness is when not having someone to talk to
Sadness is when you have to pretend to be happy
Sadness is when you miss your friend a lot
Sadness is when being rude to your mom and realizing it later
When do you feel sad???
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Comments 7
Maheen Sadness is when you read your name in some book and then after somerime realize that she was made the villain in that book.😡😡😢😢😢 Maheen
Mar 21st 2018
Wania Sadness is when your true friends forgets you Sadness is when you don't get whatever you want Sadness is when you are ill Sadness is when you do something wrong and realise your mistake at the wrong moment Sadness is when others identify you as a wrong person Sadness is when someone knows your name buy spells it wrongly Sadnes is when you have pets and they die after a long time Sadness is when I am forced to hide my felings Sadnes is when you don't be a winner in vshine.😢 By the way, great job!!😊 Wania
Sep 23rd 2016
Tooba Last and 3rd are true sadness for me Tooba
Mar 4th 2015
abeera Sadness is when I want to cry but cant........very nice Abeera
Feb 25th 2015
tawassul :-) Tawassul
Feb 20th 2015
Umair Nice Umair
Feb 5th 2015
mubashra Too true Mubashra
Feb 2nd 2015

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