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Fatima Idris Mala
Fatima Idris Mala
Usman Public School System
Bullying (part 3) Last Part
Published On Jan 26th 2015
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"Did you just do that?" I said trying my best to control my anger.
"Whoops!" Sarah smirked. "Sorry, dear I wasn't quite walking straight."
"Oh really?" I said.
"Why are you getting so angry? It's not like anyone likes you anyways. You don't even have any friends here and I'm pretty sure you won't make any. Look at you. Yes, I dropped my glass of juice on purpose si it would land on yours shirt and stain it. Because you will look the same with juice on you. Ugly." She said.
One tear slipped out of my left eye. I think I was right about what was going to happen. I knew everyone will bully me. Call me names. I knew it.
I made my way to the office and so did Sarah.
"Sarah, Ayesha reported your behaviour in the lunch room. Now would you care to explain as to why you were saying those things to Sana?" Mrs. Amna said sternly.
"Umm- No- Ma'm_ W-we are friends. Tell them Sana." Sarah put on the fakest expression.
"No she called me names and insulted me." I cried.
"Okay, Sarah you are suspended for a week and if I witness this behaviour again then I won't hesitate to expel you. You both can go now. And Sarah I have called your parents. They'll be here to pick you up any minute. You both can return to your classes now." She said.
I walked back to my class and sat down on the empty seat. Ayesha came and sat next to me and apologized for Sarah but I shrugged it off.
After all this drama at least I made 1 friend.
We should never bully or tease anyone because it will only harm us and leave a bad impression on others. If there's a new girl in your class then be friends with her/him instead of making fun of her/him.
Jazak Allah for reading :)
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Comments 6
Leeza Niceeeeeeeeeeeeee profile pic. Leeza
Dec 11th 2015
amna Nysh nysh... Amna
Jul 14th 2015
Umair Nice story Umair
Feb 5th 2015
Laibah Gr8 story :) nd yah, making frends with new kids is cool Laibah
Feb 1st 2015
Fatima No just fiction Fatima
Jan 30th 2015
jasmine Nice but is it true:) Jasmine
Jan 29th 2015

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