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Fatima Idris Mala
Fatima Idris Mala
Usman Public School System
Bullying (part 2)
Published On Jan 25th 2015
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I sat quietly at the back. A student would glance at me every minute. A brunette girl walked up to me. I said nothing other than fiddled with my thumbs in my lap.
"Hey!! I'm Sarah" she said with a bitter tone.
"H-Hey" I stuttered nervously.
"I see you're the new girl." She said.
I nodded.
"Well let's see if you make any friends in school.
*at school*
"Class, We have a new student this year." Miss Aleena said
"Hi, I'm Sana" I said
The whole class started to laugh.
I felt tears in my eyes. I knew it. No one would like me.
"Class!" Miss sternly said."This is her first day. You should treat her well. Go one dear have a seat."
I made my way over to the empty backseat and sat down. Thankfully no one said anything else.
*at lunch*
I sat on an empty table in the far corner. I had already eaten my sandwich but no one was allowed to go outside until the bell rings.
The same girl Sarah walked up to me but there was another brunette standing beside her. The girl introduced herself as Ayesha. She spoke with a soft tone. More like in a friendly way and Sarah spoke completely differently.
"You still made no friends" Sarah smirked."So sad. Maybe no one wants to be your friend."
Tears stung my eyes. I looked over to Ayesha and she gave me an apologetic look.
Then Sarah did the unexpectable move that rose the anger in me.
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Comments 2
Laibah What WHAT what WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laibah
Feb 1st 2015
Umair Nice Umair
Jan 25th 2015

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