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Zara Iqbal
Zara Iqbal
The Great Cake Bake Off! (part 2)
Published On Jan 24th 2015
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"Settle down!" Shouted Miss Blyth, "I have some important news to tell you! On Friday we will have Sandra Smith and Bobby Butlins come in. You will all make a cake in pairs and they will choose a winner! The winner's will then go on to the Great British Bake Off and will compete against other schools!" As soon as Miss Blyth finished talking I stood up and shouted "We are one hundred percent going to win and that is a promise!" "Excuse me!" Challenged Janet and Joe Bedstick. "No excuse me!" Shouted Miss Blyth, "You two can stay behind for ten minutes!" That shut the Bedsticks up. Unfortunately, I stood up and punched the air so I had to stay behind too. As I was leaving school I remembered that the Bedsticks father was a famous chef unlike ours.
As soon as I got home, Mia and I did the paper round to get enough money to buy our ingredients. My did we make a mint! £20.30p. We collected the money and stored it in a tin under my pillow for safe keepings. The next day after school we set about making a simple sponge cake. It was dilicious! But mum said we made too much mess so we weren't allowed to make anymore cakes. "What do we do now?" asked Mia. Luckily I had a plan. The next day me, Mia, Sue and Ed went to Aunt Polly's house to set about making our cake. Sue and Ed said they would help us only if they could come on TV too. We made it! A triple decker vanilla, chocolate and fudge cake with sprinkles. On the top it said keep calm and eat cake (Aunt Polly's idea!). We left it at Aunt Polly's and brought it home the next day without mum seeing. But the next day we were in for a big surprise!
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Laibah What!!! Laibah
Feb 1st 2015
Umair Nice Umair
Jan 25th 2015

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