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Zara Iqbal
Zara Iqbal
The Great Cake Bake Off! (part 3)
Published On Jan 24th 2015
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The next morning was Friday so we were getting ready to take our cake to school. But when we opened the cupboard it was gone! Dad had probably eaten it! We went to school sad. It was torture seeing everyone's cake. In the hall past nine Sandra Smith and Bobby Butlins were about to announce the winners. "Ok everyone Sandra is going to announce the winners. "The winners are Janet and ..." But she could not carry on because Dad came in shouting “STOP!" He was carrying a box with a cake inside. It was our cake! "Listen."He said, "This is Jake.T and Mia.B's cake. I ate their original. I found their recipe and made it it's kind of the same well it really is!"  "It looks yummy bring it here!" said Bobby. As dad was walking Janet stuck out her foot so dad tripped. "Nooooooooo!" he shouted. I couldn't bear it I reached out and catched it. "Jake.T you are now the backstop for our school rounders team and no exceptions!" shouted Mr Gillen. I nearly dropped the cake but i got it safely to Sandra and Bobby. "This is really good we'v got our winner!" said Bobbby.  "Definatley!" agreed Sandra. Me and Mia punched the air! We had won! Everyone cheered. The Bedsticks moaned. But it didn't matter we had won. I had fulfilled my promise to the Bedsticks!
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Comments 6
Tooba Oh. Nice story0. Tooba
Feb 6th 2015
Zara The promise in part 2. When Jake.T says that he is 100% going to win and that is a promise. Zara
Jan 27th 2015
Tooba What promise? (last sentence) Tooba
Jan 27th 2015
Umair Nice Umair
Jan 25th 2015
jasmine Nice effort;) Jasmine
Jan 25th 2015
Shaheer Hmmm... Shaheer
Jan 25th 2015

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