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Fatima Idris Mala
Fatima Idris Mala
Usman Public School System
Revenge For The Peshawar Attack
Published On Jan 22nd 2015
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16th December 2014, the day when the lives of the young and innocent kids came to an end. The day when their parents desired their kids would have never gone to the school. The day when all the Muslims cried because of the barbaric massacre caused by terrorists. How can anyone kill those kids without even hesitating? Even the government took no action against the invaders. The death of the kids was negligible in front of them.
The day was something which is not worth to forget. The crying parents are protesting for revenge. A revenge which can show the murderers that Pakistani's are not naive who will lose this fight easily. We have to take revenge, not by words but by our will power. Their invasion on the Army Public School caused the government to exceed the holidays. The increase of the holidays was a benefit for the invaders. They want us to be afraid of them and not to go to our school which will increase the number of illiterate people in Pakistan. Of course, we are against it. So from now on, we have to regularly attend school, study passionately and show the invaders that their foolish plan of keeping us uneducated is a waste of time because it won't affect us. This is how we can get revenge for the Peshawar attack. Instead of being hidden at our home, we have to complete our studies in school fearlessly because Allah (S.W.T) is always with us and in future whatever is supposed to happen, will happen no matter what because it's Allah's will.
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Comments 9
Berha It was unforgettable event... We shall take revenge Berha
Apr 22nd 2017
Mahrukh It is an unforgotible incident Mahrukh
Jul 10th 2015
Rihab Nyc matter wat happens we should always forgive and be merciful......whoever is merciful to others Allah will be merciful to him on the day of Judgement.not saying article is badly. Rihab
Jul 3rd 2015
Syeda Zuha Yes....Obviously we should take revenge and we will...They use their guns and bombs but we have the greatest power with us our QALUM,....,, Syeda Zuha
Feb 25th 2015
Habiba True.we should take REVENGE!!!!! Habiba
Feb 22nd 2015
sawera Good one.we should take a revenge and we will! Sawera
Feb 17th 2015
Maryam Well written...we should 4get the blood of our schoolmates as this time history will never 4give us if we 4get this massacre....... Maryam
Jan 31st 2015
Umair Well written Umair
Jan 25th 2015
Alishba junaid Ahemadani Very nice & right. We should take a revenge Alishba Junaid Ahemadani
Jan 24th 2015

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