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Berha Irfan
Berha Irfan
F.d.c Risalpur
The Hunted Neighbourhood (part 1)
Published On Jan 21st 2015
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Once there was a family that hated each other and only the two brothers Jack and Max were loving to each other and the two sisters Molly and Rosy were loving each other their Father Harry and his wife Ella were trying to make their children love each other not to brother to brother and not to sister to sister instead both brothers to both sisters. One day the boys decided that lets go on the street at night and we will find spooky figures on the ground and since Molly was 5 they said "Are you scared of the boogeyman?'' then Molly says "Who's the Boogeyman", "Then boogey man is a creature that lives under the bed, he snoops around the blanket and claps so you wake then he hides and as soon as you look back he shouts and the child screams, he takes turns under each bed and tonight is your turn "Max said, they said that so she would wake all night and call mother and father to stay and Harry wouldn’t look out the window. It was midnight time to go, they had snacks like chips chocolate, cake, pudding, jelly and drinks like cola, sprite, juice, water. They got out of the house and they saw a car that was going to Marvin's house and Mr. Sondy was at the door and he took an envelope of some kind, Max and Jack hid behind some bushes and started to eat their chocolate, then 1 min later Marvin got kidnapped and Mr.Sondy was looking as Marvin got kidnapped then Jack said "That can't be Mr. Sondy he must be""Who" said Max then jack said
To be continued
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Comments 4
Berha Thanks Maha and Wafa Berha
May 31st 2016
maha Gud1 Maha
Mar 13th 2015
Wafa Dear berha nice story 10/10 Wafa
Jan 24th 2015
Berha Please comment Berha
Jan 22nd 2015

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