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Ebrahim Chaudhry
Ebrahim Chaudhry
Beaconhouse Margla Institute
Circulatory System
Published On Jan 21st 2015
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As we all know that there are six main systems of our body and the circulatory system is one of them. The circulatory system, also called the cardiovascular system supplies oxygen rich blood to our body and takes out the carbon dioxide rich blood.

Parts of the Circulatory System.

The circulatory System is divided into three major parts:

The Heart

The Blood

The Blood Vessels

The heart

The Heart is a muscular organ of the circulatory system .It pumps blood about 3 billion times during an average lifetime. it is divided into four chambers

1.   Right atrium

2.   Left atrium

3.   Right ventricle

4.   Left ventricle


The blood is an amazing substance that is constantly flowing through our bodies. Blood supplies the oxygen rich blood to our body and takes out the carbon dioxide rich blood. Your blood is pumped by your heart

Blood vessels

Blood is carried in blood vessels .blood vessels are in all parts of one’s body.


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Comments 2
Ebrahim I also wrote it on grade 4 Ebrahim
Aug 21st 2015
shehram Well i knew all this even before reading learnt it in grade 4 :P Shehram
Jan 27th 2015

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