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Fatima Idris Mala
Fatima Idris Mala
Usman Public School System
The Bond
Published On Jan 20th 2015
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September 2014

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Once upon a time, 3 innocent sisters lived in a village with their mother and father. Once the three sisters Ingrid, Sarah and Helga went to play in the woods. They were playing hide and seek. When the 3 stopped by a long tree. There was a yellow ribbon hanging from the tree branch. Ingrid took a hold of it as she was the tallest and the eldest.
"It's beautiful, isn't it?" asked Ingrid while examining the ribbon.
"Yeah!" Helga exclaimed.
"I think I should put it on my hair as I'm the eldest and the beautiful of us all." Ingrid said.
"No Ingrid. That's being selfish. Why don't we cut it in 3 pieces and wear it on our wrists?" Sarah suggested.
"That's indeed a good idea, sis." Helga said.
"Perfect! It will show a bond between us. It will show the love between us and whenever we will look at it we will remember each other." Ingrid said.
The three sisters tied the yellow ribbon on their wrist and continued to play. The day meant special to them because of that day the love between them grew and the Bond was unbreakable.
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Comments 13
mahira Congratulations Mahira
Jun 9th 2015
FR NO.1 Aww its so sweet Fr No.1
May 29th 2015
Fatima Thank You so much everyone :) Fatima
Apr 18th 2015
Ayesha OHHHHHHH! and how can one forget to say conratz!!!!!! Ayesha
Apr 16th 2015
Ayesha You definatly desrve to win . It is short but a wonderful story . I have a sister and I absoulutly love her. Ayesha
Apr 16th 2015
Aiman Well done Aiman
Mar 15th 2015
Maryam Nice,amazing story Maryam
Feb 27th 2015
afifah Good Story! Congratulations! Afifah
Feb 18th 2015
sawera Lovely Sawera
Feb 17th 2015
Fatima Thank You :) Fatima
Feb 5th 2015
Umair Congrats to be a winner… Umair
Feb 5th 2015
Berha So lovely Berha
Jan 23rd 2015
Fatima I just want to say thank you to those who read my story :) That's my first one :) Fatima
Jan 22nd 2015

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