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Laiba Shams
Laiba Shams
Dueitt Middle School
Eyes In The Night
Published On Jan 20th 2015
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When Harry woke up, he did not know where was. Everything was so strange. Then he remembered – he was at his grandmother’s house. His family was paying her a visit at her house by the sea.
Harry felt thirsty. Harry needed a drink. He was about to get out of the bed to fetch a glass of water when he saw the eyes on the floor! They were big, round and yellow. They had black slits on the middle. And they were looking straight at him. They seemed to glow in the faint moonlight coming through the window.
A monster! It must be a monster! Harry was very scared. He was very too scared to call out for his mother or father. He put the blanket right up to his nose. He watched the monster’s eyes as they started to come closer…
The eyes moved slowly. They rocked gently from side to side, like snakes do. “It must be a giant snake,” thought Harry. Would he be eaten up in his own bed?
The monster was very close now. Harry could hear it. He opened his mouth to scream – and the monster leapt.
With a thud his grandmother’s friendly black cat Thomas landed on the bed. It licked Harry’s face and purred happily.”Thomas, you little monster!” Harry exclaimed and laughed. He forgets all about his glass of water.
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Comments 3
Zaynah Good! Zaynah
Feb 8th 2015
Laiba No! a story with happy endings are really interesting in my view Laiba
Jan 21st 2015
Berha I dont like happy ever afters that quick at least you could make that a real moster Berha
Jan 21st 2015

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