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Rabbia Saleem
Rabbia Saleem
The Educators
Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
Published On Jan 17th 2015
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Hallie and Emma were two best friends. They study in the same school and in the same class. They had never thought of abandoning each other in their life. One day In the school when they got the result of their test as usual Hallie was on the top of list. Emma said to Hallie that "Hallie how lucky you are? Here is no tension in your life. And you are so intelligent. Every one love you so much."Hallie stayed silent for a few seconds and then replied "What the eye does not see the hear doesn’t grieve over." While going home Hallie Asked Emma to visit her and also give her package and wished her a happy Friend ship day. Emma thanked her and promised her that she would visit Hallie. But that day due to some work Emma could'nt visit Halli and thought she would excuse he in school. But hallie was absent the next day Emma called he but She didn’t receive Emma thought that Hallie is just angry with her and she would understand but when Hallie was absent for the next two days too. Than Emma get worried and that she would visit her. But that day Hallie's mom called emma and told her that Hallie had passed away Yesterday .Emma couldn’t just believe he ears and the reciever fell from her hands. When Emma visited hallie's home that day with her parents. Hallie's mom told her that Hallie was a Heart patient and the day before was her surgery and she was really missing her best friend. After comming home Emma shut herself in her room and cried a lot and take out the package that hallie had given her and she had forgot to open There was teddy bear and the card emma read the card Hallie had written Dear Emma " WE shared smiles we wiped tear and through the years our friend ship has grown along with us and you are a wonderful part of my life and she wrote Dear Emma When i am no there with you never cry just remember me and I’ll be there" That day Emma come to know that absence really make the heart grow fonder
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Comments 6
Fatima Its so wonderful Fatima
Mar 13th 2018
Zainab Brilliant! Zainab
Feb 2nd 2018
Rabbia Thanks Rabbia
May 13th 2015
aeman So so so so nice..... Aeman
Feb 26th 2015
Rabbia It is a long story that's why here are a lot of typing errors Rabbia
Jan 23rd 2015
Berha This story really made me cry Berha
Jan 21st 2015

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