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Shaheer Salah
Shaheer Salah
Lahore School Of Learning
Scarlet House Terror's (part 7)
Published On Jan 15th 2015
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August 2014

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"What are you doing here? snooping around? Huh? We will tell you what happens to kids who don’t mind there business" barked one of the men."Hey Sam, get some ropes. We will tie them" he told his partner."Here Bill take it" Sam threw some ropes towards Bill and grabbed Alfred and Jack by their ears. The children tried to run away but Sam was stronger than them. Jack kicked Sam but it was no use. He pushed them towards Bill who caught them and tied them with Mary. Then Sam reached for Louis and Bill for Peter. Louis was caught but Peter quickly turned the light off.
There was darkness for some moments and everyone was silent but after a moment Bill turned on his flashlight. In this time Peter had climbed out of the trap door and quickly pulled the knot from the nail. By this time Bill was halfway through the rope when Peter dropped the rope down and Bill fell down. With a flash Peter closed the trap door and went outside. He locked the shed and went towards his school building. It was night time so crept towards his principal’s office expecting it to be close. He went inside and picked up the telephone and called "911". He tried to explain the police but couldn't so he just told them the address and requested them to come urgently.
Meanwhile as Bill fell he picked himself up and tried to break the door but couldn't .  "Hey we must be ready for action. He might call the police. Take cover behind these kids"."It was all your fault" he continued.
"Oh! really".
"Ok then I am not your partner".
"Hah! You can’t escape. And WE will have to be together at least today".
"Ok then. Lets break it".
They both tried hard but in vain. They thought of trying the last time and they succeeded. The door blew open and they climbed out. "Ah thank god" they both cried. On the other side the police arrived in 25 minutes and Peter told them to turn off their sirens so that the thieves couldn't be alarmed but in reality he did not want his school to wake up. He told them to follow him. As he neared the door he heard a crash. The policemen slide the door and as it was broken by Bill and he came out followed by Sam they both were taken under arrest. "Hey kid I will get you" cried Sam. "Oh look what we have got here" one of the policemen cried "Sam and Bill the most wanted crooks in the country". Peter suddenly remembered his friend's so he went in and opened the trap door. Some of the policemen followed him he jumped down and untied his friends. They all climbed back. The police took the crooks away and the kids slept contentedly. 
Next morning Chief Constable Cooper came to the school and told the rest of the schoolmates about Peter's bravery and Louis’s group. They were called to tell their story on-stage. This was something to be proud off. The others let Louis tell the story and he added some spices to his story. He told them everything from the shed mystery to the end. They were praised and became famous in school. Even bossy Louis praised Peter. This was a really BIG thing for Peter and he blushed. Everyone smiled that day.
( P.S Guyz my exams going on so I am stressed out. Plz pray for my exams.)
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Comments 13
yashfeen Great story!!Keep it up. Yashfeen
Apr 7th 2017
Shaheer Thnx Shaheer
Apr 2nd 2015
jasmine Intresting Jasmine
Mar 25th 2015
Shaheer Pakistan lost by 76 runs. 《:*( Shaheer
Feb 17th 2015
Shaheer Guyz! I am starting another scarlet house series. What should I name it ? I mean should I write Scarlet house and then the story title or just start it right away? Shaheer
Jan 31st 2015
Shaheer What ever sis... Shaheer
Jan 30th 2015
abeera Good.......congrats Abeera
Jan 30th 2015
Armish Bro, there is no apostrophe in plurals so it should be "terrors" IF it is in plural sense cuz it seems so Armish
Jan 29th 2015
Shaheer Thanx. Shaheer
Jan 29th 2015
Umair Congrats to be winner... Umair
Jan 27th 2015
Shaheer Thanks Shaheer
Jan 20th 2015
Fatima Gud Fatima
Jan 18th 2015
Umair Gud one Umair
Jan 16th 2015

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